This is a race that I've created for the world my players are gaming in. I want to know if they seem umbalanced for fair for a player race.

The Elidanti, or rabbit-folk as humans of the Near Reaches call them, have been the ancestrial inhabitant of the plains of the Far Reaches for as long as human history has been aware of this distant territory. Often portrayed at best as a timid and fearful species, and at worse as clever beasts suitable only as slaves by Chadais propoganda, the Elidanti have a history of enduring endless intrusion by the so called more civilized races and outright predation by others.

The Elidanti thrive on the open grasslands of the Far Reaches, stretching into the Tigia of the Wintenmark and down at the fridges of the Swaari desert. To the surprise of many civilized races, Elidanti settlements have also popped up in the Near Reaches as well as the Orcish Territory; frequently these are escaped slaves from the Swaari or the Chadai.

Elidanti society is largely communal. They work together for the betterment of the group and society, but not to the point of self sacrifice. Elidanti devide tasks according to strict gender guidelines. Males traditionally protect the territory and bring back hides and trapped beasts. Females traditionally care for the young and see to the spiritual needs of the tribe. For settlements in the Near Reaches, these roles commonly break down and are much more free.

Personality: The Elidanti are a quiet and thoughtful race. Often taciturn, their silence is often mistaken as stupidity. Elidanti also tend to favor discression over valor, and seek pragmatic solutions to problems rather than die for higher ideals. Elidanti are almost fanatically loyal to their family and friends, often to a fault. Occasionally a non-Elidanti can be considered worth of such unwavering devotion.

Physical description: Elidanti are humanoids standing roughly five feet tall, not counting their long and rigid ears. They are a lithe and lean people covered in short soft fur which range in colors from white to tans, reds, oranges, browns, blues, and blacks. Their faces are a mix of lapine and human, with large flexible ears atop their heads. Elidanti also sport a small four inch tail. Their feet are digitgrade, ending in non-retractable claws. Elidanti fashion is almost always humble homespun cloth garments or leather. Hunters wear a carefully wrapped strip of cloth called the Bakkii that covers and protects their torso while leaving the limbs exposed for maximum mobility

Relations: Elidanti relations with humans varies according to their nationality. They are neutral to human in general, but have a deep antipathy for Chadai and the demon worshiping Swaarii. They are cautiously friendly to humans of the confederacy, as the free states have banned all forms of slavery and are a frequent home for escaped slaves. Elidanti relations with the orcs is much closer; though the Elidanti do not share the orcs' penchant for warfare they respect their shamanistic and druidic traditions. They have little love for elves, who commonly see the Elidanti as little more than clever beasts. Though similarly bestial, the Elidanti have no relations with the ratlings or the Worgiir, as the former are largely urban and the latter view the Elidanti as food.

Alignment: Elidanti are predominantly neutral good. Even an enemy might recieve aid if they were not an immediate threat. While the Elidanti eschew codified laws they hold to familial traditions. Always seeking pragmatic solutions, the Elidanti do what works for the best of all people.

Elidanti lands: In the far reaches Elidanti live in cities around carefully cultivated farm land. Elidanti typically live underground, but not so deep that they can not smell fresh air. Outside the far reaches Elidanti form well hidden and protected settlements. Elidanti have little love for the large cities of the Near Reaches.

Religion: The Elidanti are largely agnostic, but pay respects to nature through druidic rites and ceremonies. In the Near Reaches, Elidanti frequently worship Kallille; godess of endurance, patience, and suffering. Few Elidanti worship the demon cults or the True God.

Names: Elidantish is a language relying upon body ques as much as words. As such Elidanti names are largely unpronouncible to outside races. As a result most Elidanti who have regular contact with other races adopt what they refer to as fur-names, nicknames that typically combine a metaphoric descriptor with a related object or trade. Females typically employ nature themes while males utilize more objective or tool centered name.

Female names: Mossfoot, Riverrunner, Skydancer, Mountainwalker, Stillheart.

Male names: Thunderspear, Barrelhand, Grainwarder, Sickleeye, Wagontamer

Adventurers: Elidanti seldom choose to become adventurers. Most see adventuring as a decidely unpractical and downright suicidal profession. Many are slaves who come to adopt their adventuring group as a family. A few Elidanti feel the need to explore the world at large and find safety in the company of friendly humans.

Elidanti Racial traits
+2 Dexterity, -2 strength, +2 wisdom, -2 intelligence. Elidanti are lean and quick, not bulky and muscular. They are more intuitive and less deductive than other species.

+4 listen check. Elidanti's large ears give them exceptional hearing.

+10' movement speed. Their long stride helps move them rapidly across the battle field.

+1 racial dodge bonus to AC. The Elidanti lose this bonus if they are ever denied their dexterity bonus.

+2 skill check on Survival and Heal. Elidanti are always taught the basics of survival as young children and how to care for their injuries.

Favored class (male): Ranger
Favored class (female): Druid