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    Default Submitted for your approval and critique, a ToB vestige

    A quick note before going on to the vestige itself, this was created for Eberron and thus has a legend set in Eberron. I used the fluff found here:

    The vestige is level 7 mainly because there are so few level 7 vestiges and thus it seemed like a good place to put it. I used the vestige creation guidelines found here:

    Accordingly, I have drawn a direct comparison between Maneuvers and spells in terms of how they should be implemented. It should be noted that the granted maneuvers are Ex. abilities if they are normally so. This vestige is focused on the White Raven discipline, to fill a gap in actively party-friendly vestiges but could be reworked for any of the given Disciplines.

    Without further ado, the vestige:
    Karr, Clarion Commander

    Vestige Level: 7th

    Binding DC: 30

    Special Requirement: The first time Karr's seal is drawn by a particular binder, it must be in the Mournlands at the site where his sword his embeded in the ground.

    Legend: Karr was one of the first Warblades to graduate from the Rekkenmark Academy, and did so with top marks. Karr had an affinity for the signature discipline of the Academy, White Raven, and could lead troops in a way that left even many veteran commanders in awe. Karr's reputation grew quickly and when the Last War broke out, he was one of the most well known commanders fighting for Karrnath.

    Karr was extremely protective of troops under his command, taking all precautions to ensure their survival. Throughout the Last War, the troops under his care suffered the fewest casualties. Karr and a platoon of soldiers were near Cyre at the time the Mourning occurred, as the blast of magical energy swept towards them, Karr stood in front of his platoon, planted his sword in the ground, and stood staring at the approaching wave of destruction. When the blast reached Karr... in the moments before the light became too much to bear, the soldiers saw the blast split around Karr, shielding them. When the light was gone, there was no sign of Karr, all that remained was his sword.

    Manifestation: Karr's sword slowly fades into sight within the seal, followed by a burst of light. When the light fades, Karr is standing behind his sword, his hands resting on the hilt. He greets the binder and lectures them on proper tactics throughout the binding process.

    Sign: A glowing white sigil that looks vaguely like a raven hovers slightly in front of your chest, as if you were wearing a tabard with the image on it.

    Influence: You become extremely protective of those under your command. If one of your allies is knocked to negative HP, you must immediately attempt to stabilize them, if they are not already stable.

    Granted Abilities: Karr grants you the mastery of the White Raven discipline that he possessed in life.

    Tactical Genius: You gain the use of the tactical options provided by the Clarion Commander feat.

    Supreme Commander: Choose one or more maneuvers of the White Raven discipline with a total level no greater than 8, you may use each such maneuver once per 5 rounds. At 17th level, the limit on maneuver level total increases to 9. Your initiator level for these maneuvers is equal to your EBL.

    Proper Technique: You gain access to one stance from the White Raven discipline that a Warblade of a level equal to your (EBL - 4) could access (ignoring requirements such as a certain number of White Raven maneuvers known).

    Thoughts and balance criticisms? Should more overall maneuvers be granted (and thus a clause to ensure the binder does not gain access to 9nth level maneuvers before level 17 implemented as well)?

    I also considered a different approach of having the binder access and use maneuvers of the White Raven discipline as a Warblade of their (EBL - 2) with only half the usual maneuvers known, readied maneuvers, and stances known (because they can only access one discipline anyways, otherwise they'd probably have everything in the White Raven discipline).
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