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    Default Engineer/Tinkerer Type Class

    After fiddling with the search option a bit, I put it out as a question.

    tl;dr below.

    I've been attempting to design an engineer type class in a standard 3.5e D&D rule set, in a pre-enlightenment time era. (Think hybrid of Western era technology [trains, and pistols...etc.] and gnomes and other fantasy creatures). I've come up with some general ideas and numbers, however as I am looking for the class to be a tinkerer type I want to have some sort of system for allowing the character/player to improvise. I do not know how to set up such a system, whether to make it a skill like Craft (Tinkering) and make it a freestyle system (i.e. as long as they have the general components, I just assume their character has a chance of (DC 'x') making the item), or more rigid (wherein, players must have complete formulas worth of materials and laboratory conditions and can only create select items...).

    To make it short and sweet, how would you suggest implementing a crafting system based around the idea of 'tinkering' and the idea of allowing players to improvise in a MacGuyver type manner without it becoming a ridiculous Dues ex Machina creating skill.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Default Re: Engineer/Tinkerer Type Class

    A friend of mine made a class that I think is similar to what you're trying to make. Here's a link to it if you want to look at it.

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