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    Default Pink Towel Ooze [monster]

    Bad dreams spawn horrible monsters, nuff' said.

    Pink Towel Ooze
    Large Ooze
    HD 4D10+20 (42 HP)
    Speed 10 ft. (2 squares); Climb 10 ft, Swim 20 ft.
    Init: +3
    AC 7; touch 6; flat-footed 5
    (-1 Dex, -1 Size, +1 natural)
    BAB +3; Grp +11
    Attack Slam +7 (1d4+6, 20/2 + Fluffy)
    Full-Attack Slam +7 (1d4+6, 20/2 + Fluffy)
    Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks Engulf, Digest, Fluffy, improved grab
    Special Qualities Blindsight 60 ft, immune to acid, Intelligent, ooze traits, Spawn Servant, caustic mire, Split
    Saves Fort +6 Ref -1 Will +1
    Abilities Str 18, Dex 8, Con 20, Int 4, Wis 10, Cha 1
    Skills Climb +12, Listen +5, Survival +6, Swim +12
    Feats Improved initiative, Skill focus (survival)
    Environment Any abandoned pool area or natural depression
    Organization Solitary + 2d3 Pink servants of half its CR (usually predatory animals)
    Challenge Rating 3
    Treasure Search the pool for half standard treasure, no organic items
    Alignment Always Neutral
    Advancement 5-8 HD (large), 9-15 HD (huge), 16 - 20 HD (gargantuan)
    Level Adjustment -

    As you enter the ruined bathhouse, you are met by a most disturbing sight. All surfaces are scrupulously clean, save for the pool itself which is filled with glistening gore, fresh-looking meat and protruding bones. Interspersed with the gore lie pieces of fluffy pink towels. Two oddly pink pool boys regard you vacantly.

    A pink Towel Ooze are slightly intelligent and use basic tactics to defeat intruders.
    First off, a Pink Towel never strays more than 10 feet from its pool, letting its servants bring it whatever it needs.
    If facing a single (seemingly manageable) intruder, the Pink Towel will move towards it and slam it to initiate a grapple, dealing nonlethal damage, while its pink servants use the 'Aid another' action to improve its grapple check. When the victim is unconscious the Towel ooze digests its skin and creates a new pink servant.
    If faced with multiple intruders, the Towel ooze immediately retreats into the pool. Keeping just below the surface, it gains total concealment from any attackers. Further combat actions (of the Pink Towel and its servants) will be aimed towards luring or forcing the intruders adjacent to the pool, where the Pink Towel can grapple and submerge them. If given the opportunity, the pink servants will attempt to bull-rush intruders into the pool. When only one enemy is left, the Pink Towel will attempt to create another pink servant if possible.

    If a pink towel ooze manages to grapple a creature of its size or smaller it may immediately make another opposed grapple check. If it succeeds on this check, the target is engulfed and subjected to Fluffy each round and Digestion. An engulfed target can still breathe and attempt additional grapple checks each round to break free.
    If the ooze is facing multiple opponents or is having a hard time holding on to its prey, it will move into its gore pool and submerge, exposing its victim to the Caustic Mire effect below.

    Improved grab:
    Whenever the pink towel ooze hits with its slam attack it may start a grapple without provoking an attack of opportunity. If it succeeds at this attempt it may immediately make another opposed grapple check. If it succeeds again, the target is engulfed.

    Unlike most other oozes, the Pink Towel has an intelligence score. This means it uses tactics in combat and, more importantly, have access to skills and feats.

    The pink towel ooze can digest any organic material, but prefers flesh. The digestion is relatively slow for an ooze, taking 1 day for one medium creature, or 8 times that for a large creature and 1/8th of a day (3 hours) for a small creature. The ooze can digest the skin of a creature of any size smaller than huge in thirty minutes if engulfing them completely (see Engulf).

    Acid immunity:
    The pink towel ooze is immune to acid, as it is simply absorbed into its fabric for later use as digestive fluid (no additional game effect).

    The surface of a pink towel ooze feels soft and fluffy. The fluff is in fact a myriad of small tentacles with a sucking mouth at each tip. If the ooze wraps around a creature (i.e. engulfs them) these tiny mouths start sucking and licking at any surface they come in contact with, effectively scrubbing it clean and dry in a matter of seconds, therefore a pink towels lair is always perfectly clean (save for the tub). This ability causes 1d6 damage every round to a creature sensitive to drought (such as a creature converted by an aboleth tentacle or any creature with the [water] subtype). Rich folk sometimes keep a small pink towel ooze in their bathrooms to dry themselves on (and paying for an antipathy effect to keep the towel from fleeing). Prolonged exposure to the sucking mouths are hazardous, see the Digest ability.

    Caustic mire:
    A pink towel is not as flexible as other oozes and is therefore unable to effectively engulf someone over longer periods of time. They therefore seek out a depression in the ground large enough for their prey, depositing the corpse there and draping themselves over it to digest it in peace. Over time, the pit fills up with half-digested material floating in a glistening red goo, a byproduct of the pink towels digestive process. The ooze usually float around in this gory protein drink, digesting the stuff it has yet to finish.
    The red goo is highly caustic to organic compounds (including living creatures) and deal 1d6 acid damage to anything organic that comes in contact with it, or 10d6 for every round of total immersion (which may also cause drowning). This has no effect on non-organic compounds and can be used to effectively shine armor or polish gems.
    A caustic mire does not block blindsight, allowing the Pink Towel Ooze to attack from under the surface without any miss chance.

    A Pink towel ooze may be split using a light slashing weapon or a pair of scissors and dealing an appropriate amount of damage to the ooze, treat this as a sunder attempt. Dealing 1/4th of the oozes total hp cuts out a piece two categories smaller than the main ooze, which is reduced by one size category by the act. 1/2 of total hp produce two pieces of equal size (though both one category smaller than the main ooze). 1/8th of total hp produce a piece three categories smaller than the main ooze but does not change the size of the main ooze. Splitting a pink towel ooze may be an effective way of freeing a companion from its engulf ability.
    Each new ooze have hp equal to 1/2 of the damage required to remove it.
    Example: Main ooze is medium and has 20 hp, and is sundered in half to free a trapped human (medium). The sunder attempts deal 12 points of damage to the main ooze, which split in half, freeing the human. The main ooze now has 8 hp, the daughter ooze have 5 hp and both are small size. They are also likely to be on their way back to the pool really fast.

    Spawn servant:
    A Pink towel ooze is not particularly fast or durable, and need a steady food supply. To create a Pink servant a pink towel ooze must first engulf a living creature and Digest its skin. When this process is complete, instead of digesting the rest of the body, the pink towel calves off a piece of itself and grafts it onto the still living creature (taking another 30 minutes). Once complete, the creature gains the Pink Servant template and falls under the pink towels control. It is usually commanded to go hunt for more food. If a Pink Servant dies in close proximity to the towel oozes lair, the Pink Towel will leave its pool and retrieve the corpse, which will then be digested as food.

    Pink servant template
    This template can be applied to any corporeal organic creature that is not an ooze or undead.

    The creature gains immunity to acid, but loses this immunity when it dies.

    The creatures Int score becomes 1 and its Cha becomes 1. All other ability scores remain unchanged.

    The pink servant retains all skills and feats it had before the transformation, and gains a +6 bonus to survival checks (or more, if the ooze invests more ranks in its survival skill). If the ooze that spawned the Pink Servant dies, this bonus disappears. It is generally used for foraging and tracking suitable food.

    The creature gains an empathic link to the pink towel ooze that spawned them, hunting when it is hungry (ie almost always) and defending the ooze when it is threatened. When a Pink Servant is dying or close to dying it will (if possible) return to the Pink Towels side for digestion.

    The new skin of the creature is pink and unblemished, but is actually an undeveloped towel ooze. Every day after creation a Pink servant takes two points of constitution damage as the skin feeds off its host. When the servant has 3 points of constitution left, it returns to the Pink towel that spawned it, walks into the gore pool and dies.

    If a Pink towel dies for any reason while it still has Pink servants, all servants scatter in search of a new pool for themselves. When a suitable pool is found, a pink servant dies and its skin metamorphoses into a new Pink towel ooze of the servants size in 1d4+1 days. The new Pink Towel has 1 HD + 1 additional HD for each size above tiny.

    Challenge rating: +0

    Level adjustment: -
    Don't take anything I say too seriously.

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    Default Re: Pink Towel Ooze [monster]

    Really creepy and well thought out.
    More aberration than ooze though? It fails the basic requirement of being gelatinous...
    I admit full culpability for Phyrnglsnyx

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    Default Re: Pink Towel Ooze [monster]

    What do you mean, lv adjustment "-"

    Why do I never get to play the mutat that eats ****

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    Default Re: Pink Towel Ooze [monster]

    Wow. Surprisingly, it's, at the exact same time, totally ridiculous, and extremely intelligent.

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