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    Default 'contingency' plans

    OK, am I the only person here who always keeps plans on how to take out the rest of the players if I have to? Even in good groups I find that not only is it a nice thought exercise, it also comes in useful if they get mind controlled.

    Anyway, this time I'm playing a ninja in a mostly neutral campaign. My team-mates are a dread necro, a bard, and a swordsage. I have a nagging worry that one of the first two is likely to turn on us at some point. Now, as a more or less straight ninja, unless they get me while I'm asleep, I figure I have a good chance of not being seen (changeling), avoiding surprise (high scout skills), winning initiative (currently got the best mod) and if all else fails dodging the blow (we rule that the concealment ability works asan immediate action.

    So, I have a reasonable chance of getting the drop. Bearing in mind that it's likely to be a 1 on 1, or a 3 on 1 in my favour, i'm not likely to get overpowered by numbers. So, eventually, rate my stratagey.

    1. Dread Necro: Skimming his spells and abilities, the most scary ones are level drain based, as they tend to hit automatically or target fort, my weak point. Damage or most save or x shouldn't a problem, as my touch AC rocks (for that graspy hand thing), my will save is OK (negative energy), later I should have incorperality, and the player hasn't really optimised his DC. So, my first plan is to pick up something that protects me from level drain, and something that boosts fort. As we face undead frequently anyway, these will be useful in any case. Secondly, are the minions he will likely command. These are likely a problem. I can't Sudden Strike them, and they will likely surround him. Still, my plan is to pop in and out of visibility within 30 odd feet of him, while shooting him with a bow, therefore circumventing them for a short while. As a relatively squishy wizard, he should go down reasonably easy, and he doesn't have the ol' tomb-tainted soul trick up for ch-easy healing.

    2. Bard: I don't think this would be a problem. Most of her magic is, I believe, will based, which I have a reasonable save for. Fighting-wise, I should cream her, with Sudden Strike and invisibility

    3. Swordsage: now this could be a problem. He's notably better than me in a fight. He's as stealthy as me. He carries a katana my length. He can probably negate my stealth with his spot and listen scores. I'm thinking my only chance is to target his weaker fort save with poison. We're in a setting where it's reasonably easy to come by.

    Dunno. Opinions?

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    Default Re: 'contingency' plans

    feed them poison food for breakfast and the antidote at night... nothing that would kill them... just weaken them enough to where you can beat them in a fight... also Libris Mortis has some feats that can aid you against the Dread Necromancer... against the sword sage... he sounds like he could beat you in a straight fight so boost your ac with fighting defensively... you should get a +4 ac for a -4 to attack if he gets close enough to thrust his pointy stick into you.. otherwise Hit and Run tactics should save the day for a few reasons...You are probably faster than he is or have movement based skills to put yourself out of reach (skill tricks have these in spades [complete scoundrel]) and if he comes close to you can turn invisible to run away (run is 4x your speed,5x if you have run feat)...

    You are not alone in this line of thinking becuase my character, The Ninja Bard constantly thinks that the Hexblade will turn evil and kill me, the Paladin will go Knight templar on him, the ogre barbarian will eat him for lunch, and the swashbuckler {who he is great friends with } will challenge him to a duel to test out his new sword {which is cursed and intelligent yet evil, good news is that he manages to beat the ego checks...barely}

    Edit: do not underestimate the Bard for the people who under estimate Bards usually wind up dead to an amazingly powerful character... They have spells {GREASE} that do not care about your saves, role playing voodoo to manipulate your character to no end {not to mention that when a Bard fights he usually has allies soo if you are fighting he bard then he could easily convince the group/the city guard/anyone that you need to Die.} so treat him as powerful as the necro for sudden minion mastering except that your friends can be turned against you plus he can buf them to insane levels...
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    A Fighter/Paladin will just hack you to bits

    A Wizard/Sorcerer will just blow you up with a spell

    A Rogue/Ranger/Monk will just kill you in your sleep

    A Cleric/Druid will just squash you after buffing himself

    A Bard will slowly twist your ethics, corrupt your morals, and make you do vile acts just for the chance to face him. When you fight him, he will have your family and friends fighting for him. For he wields the deadliest weapon against you and that is, his word against yours.

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    Default Re: 'contingency' plans

    Quote Originally Posted by quiet1mi View Post
    feed them poison food for breakfast and the antidote at night... nothing that would kill them...
    Anyone know if there's a residual poison anywhere, like what Baron Harkonnen gives Hawat in Dune? I would think that would make it rather easy.

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    Default Re: 'contingency' plans

    The only RPG-esque game I play is Arkham Horror. And as of now, I'm keeping a contingency plan in place. Sadly, I should have done this the other day. Me and 2 friends were playing, and then without warning...

    Friend 1: Hey, if I kill you, do I get your stuff?

    Me: Um... what?

    Friend 2: Say what?

    Friend 1: I mean, if I was in the same place as you, and I killed you, could I take your items?

    Me: Um... I dunno... Maybe...

    Friend 2: Are you going to kill him?!

    Friend 1: Noooo! Noooo...

    Friend 2: Good. Because if you did, I'd-

    Friend 1: Oh be quiet, I'd kill you, too.

    Friend 2: Er......

    Me: Okaaaaaaaay people, lets kill the aliens and stuff first before we start hunting each other.......

    Friend 2: Good idea!

    Friend 1: Okay, okay.... Not like I was gonna do anything......

    So yeah, no matter what game you're playing, its a good idea to be on your guard... O_o

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