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    Default [Item] Mephitic Talisman *New and Improved*

    Something I've been working on for my god's herald in "When on Olympus 2.0" right on this here forum. It's the first bit of genuine homebrew I've made, aside from an SDA for divine campaigns.
    This item uses material from Core and Sandstorm.

    Mephitic Talisman
    Price: 103680 gp
    Body Slot: Neck
    Caster Level: 16th
    Aura: Strong; (DC 23) Conjuration
    Activation: Command Word
    Weight: -
    From this thin leather cord hangs three finger-sized charms.

    By grasping a charm and intoning ancient words of binding, the wearer of this talisman can call forth a gang of mephits linked to the charm, as the spell Mephit Mob, once per day. The crafter can specify which three charms the talisman contains at the time of creation;talismans found as part of a treasure have 3 randomly chosen charms. A talisman can have multiple charms of the same kind.
    {table=head]d12 Roll|Charm|Mephit Summoned
    1|A stick of lechatelierite|Glass
    2|A vial of powdered sulfur|Sulfur
    3|A sealed glass bulb containing a heavy green gas|Air
    4|A vial of sand|Dust
    5|A vial containing red and black soil|Earth
    6|A sealed glass bulb containing glowing embers|Fire
    7|A sealed glass bulb containing unmelting snow|Ice
    8|A stick of obsidian, warm to the touch|Magma
    9|A sealed glass bulb containing black mud|Ooze
    10|A stick of rock salt|Salt
    11|A sealed glass bulb containing constantly bubbling water|Steam
    12|A vial of clean water|Water
    prerequisites:Craft Wondrous Item, Mephit Mob
    cost to create: 51840 gp, 4147 xp, 104 days

    Enjoy, and if I've made even the slightest misstep, please let me know.
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