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    Default [4th edition] Utility powers

    So i got my 4th edition books a bit early and after reading them through and not sleeping i have a query they needs adressing

    Utility powers, i dont undertsand what the rules are for using them, when you can use them? how often you can use them? how do you get them back?

    can anyone clear this up for me?

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    Default Re: [4th edition] Utility powers

    It says in the descriptor if it's a daily or encounter power...most seem to be dailies.
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    Default Re: [4th edition] Utility powers

    You get 1 utility power from each level category. You can swap them for lower level powers instead, but not for higher level powers.

    Some utility powers are at-will, some are per-encounter, and some are per-day. They recover like other powers.

    Note that "Stances" last until the end of the encounter.

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