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    Default D20 modern question

    A friend of mine said that, unlike D&D, D20 modern gave you two feats on character generation (+1 if you're human.) I just want to make sure if this is true or not. I checked up on around a half dozen D20 modern reference sites, and I couldn't find it.

    I, unfortunately, don't own the D20 modern book, so I can't look it up.

    Any help?

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    Default Re: D20 modern question

    look here, basically online SRD of d20 modern

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    Default Re: D20 modern question

    D20 Modern does give you two feats on level 1, but you don't get an extra one if you're human, because humans are the only standard race in Modern. You get one less feat if you aren't human, instead. Same with skills.
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    Default Re: D20 modern question

    Two feats at 1st level, yes, but there's no racial bonus feats or skill points for being human.

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    Default Re: D20 modern question

    Quote Originally Posted by Tsotha-lanti View Post
    Two feats at 1st level, yes, but there's no racial bonus feats or skill points for being human.
    while, there knid of is, but unless you're playing urban arcana, it won't matter.
    the bonus feat and skills are human bonus, but you're probably only going to be playing humans.

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