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    Default 4E past level 15.

    So we've established that all those people who look at the books and haven't played have no right to an opinion. Also, anyone who thinks it doesn't rock the world with it's awesomeness.

    So here's my question? Have any of you: "4E is the greatest thing ever, worship it forever!" people played at any level past 15? We get it, everyone and there mother had fun playing Keep on the Shadowfell for the first two sessions, but if you haven't played at level 15 or above, doesn't that mean you aren't allowed to have an opinion? So if I'm the only person who has, does that mean I get to be the only person with an opinion?

    If so, I'd like to point out that it is a boring slugfest where you literally slap on the same status effects over and over while bounding away at everything for hours using your at wills.

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    Default Re: 4E past level 15.

    Initial disclaimer(s): I am one of those people with no actual 4e experience at the gaming table. I also have no particular opinion, favorable or un-, regarding the system.

    That said, do you think the problem is the game system itself, the adventure(s) you're playing, the character builds involved, or a combination of factors? I'm curious what's keeping the system from running the way you want (and, it sounds like, from running a way that I'm want).

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    Default Re: 4E past level 15.

    Sheriff of Moddingham: Could we please not start threads by insulting a whole group of posters and creating an "us vs. them" situation. If what you want to say is, "I've played 4e past level 15 and it's a boring slugfest" that's fine. But we don't need all the trollish preamble. Thread locked.
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