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    Default Danger: Green Chickens

    This is my version of a creature that my father made.

    Aurora and Titus stepped into the huge stone room. It was the biggest place they had found so far within the Labyrinth of Kroog. Darkness surrounded them, but they could make out a faint green glow near the center of the room. The were unafraid, having already fought their way past gelatinous blobs, shrieking mushrooms, and worse. As the moved closer, they saw that the green glow came from a lone chicken that was running in circles. Titus ran forward with his sword swinging, while Aurora readied herself for spell casting. As they neared the glowing chicken, a strange hum filled the air. Titus lashed out with his sword, only to nearly drop it in a fit of weakness. Just as Aurora prepared to cast, she too felt great pain. The chicken continued to run in circles while it drained the life from the bodies of the adventurers, not even noticing them. Aurora and Titus backed away from the glowing chicken quickly. "Screw this," Titus said, just before they left the room.

    Radioactive Chicken
    Tiny Animal
    HD 1d8 (4 HP)
    Speed 30 ft. (6 squares); Fly 10 ft (2 squares)
    Init: +0
    AC 10; touch 10; flat-footed 10
    BAB +1; Grp +1
    Attack Claw +1
    (1d3, /x2)
    Space 2 1/2 ft.; Reach 0 ft.
    Special Attacks
    Special Qualities Radioactive,
    Saves Fort +2 Ref +0 Will -2
    Abilities Str 8, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 2, Wis 6, Cha 8
    Skills Jump +3
    Feats None
    Environment Any Warm
    Organization Solitary, Small Flock (2-4)
    Challenge Rating 2
    Treasure None?
    Alignment NN
    Advancement 1-3 HD
    Level Adjustment +0

    Radioactive Chickens are mutated birds resulting from magical radiation. They are basically slightly warped versions of normal chickens. The only true difference is the radiation that emanates from their bodies. This also gives the chicken a strange green glow and a high-pitched humming sound. The chickens normally eat only small bugs and scraps of vegetation.

    Radioactive - The chicken exudes a harmful aura that damages nearby creatures. Each round, all creatures within 10 ft of the chicken take 1d6 damage from the radiation. The chicken itself and other chickens are exempt from this damage.

    Combat: Radioactive Chickens are not fighters. They tend to run around in circles or ignore any threat until actually attacked. When they do fight, they will use their sharp claws to slow the treat until it dies of radiation poisoning.

    Okay, this is definitely messed up. It's radioactive. The radiation damage might need to be lowered, might make more sense if it drained STR or CON. Maybe as treasure the chicken could have a "magically" radioactive core or something. Enjoy your microwave chicken.
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    Default Re: Danger: Green Chickens

    d20 needs a line of chicken monsters. Combustible chickens. Were-chickens. Chicken Lords...
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