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    Default Domain slots & Metamagic

    Can metamagic'd domain spells be prepared in higher level domain slots?
    For instance, could I prepare a maximized cure light wounds in my 4th level domain slot if I had the healing domain (pelor knows why...)?

    A RAW ruling would be nice, or at least as close as possible to a RAW interpretation.

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    Default Re: Domain slots & Metamagic

    I asked this (for a spontaneous arcane caster caster using Arcane Disciple, so YMMV) in the RAW Q&A thread. The answer I got was that applying metamagic uses up the slot, not the spell, so you could conceivably use the same spell twice, at different spell levels due to metamagic. In any case, the RAW is not particularly clear (i.e., it ignores the possibility entirely), and this seems to be just the most reasonable interpretation.

    I would guess, by extension, that you could also prepare any lower-level domain spell in a higher-level domain slot instead of the regular domain spell there.

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