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    Default [4e] Mass battles

    Mass battles are going to rock, especially with Minions. You can actually have a battle with players literally cutting through enemies like butter. I want to try this out. In fact, I think the campaign I'm working on for 4th Ed. could end up with a small war happening. Has anyone tried this yet?

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    Default Re: [4e] Mass battles

    Lots of lower-level Minions + Leaders is the way to go for that type of battle.

    Some good Leaders for making Minions better:

    kruthik hive lord

    drow arachnomancer
    drow priest

    gnome arcanist

    goblin hexer

    hobgoblin commander

    grick alpha

    orc eye of gruumsh

    satyr piper
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    Default Re: [4e] Mass battles

    I am also intrigued by the possibilities of these 1 hit point wonders, to quote TvTropes...
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