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    Default Shootin', Tankin' and Bashin' (1 variant & 2 new prestige; new feats included)

    Gun Fighter - A variant of the fighter class, preferably applied to a d20 modern without the regular classes.

    Weapon proficiencies: Light Firearms, Heavy Firearms & light melee weapons (sacrifices all other proficiencies)

    Feat progression: As ordinary fighter.

    BAB: As ordinary fighter.

    Saves: As ordinary fighter.

    Hit Dice:
    As ordinary fighter.

    Skill progression:
    As ordinary fighter.

    Armor proficiencies:
    Light, Medium and Heavy Armor, as well as light shields, heavy shields and Tower Shields, (limited to a sum of a -6 armor check penalty)

    Additional fighter bonus feats:
    Twin Tap, Improved Critical (damage), Improved Critical (threat), Enamored and Unarmored, Multi-Tap, Bullet Facet, Invisible Shooter, Rapid Focus, Sundering Shot, Continuous Rapid Reload, Crank Shaft, Parabolic Shot, Deflecting Shot, Clone Shot

    Additional Feat Descriptions:

    - Twin Tap
    You have a responsive trigger finger; an ambidextrous one at that.

    Prerequesites: BAB +8, Double Tap, Firearms Proficiency

    Your character may apply the double tap feat to two weapons he is wielding in the same round. Double tap applies to every attack action she makes, and may be assigned to two weapons instead of one.

    - Improved Critical (Damage)

    Your critical strikes appear to yield even more gruesome results than usual.
    Prerequisites: BAB +9

    You may increase the damage multiplier of one weapon's critical strike by one additional increment when wielded by your character.
    Ie. Joey's great sword has a critical threat range of 19-20 and a damage multiplier of x2. With the improved critical (damage) feat, he is able to change the multiplier to x3. He cannot lower it however, or raise it any higher than x3.

    - Improved Critical (Threat)

    Your accuracy with weapons makes you accustomed to inflicting severe damage as a result of your attacks coming in contact with various weak points on an enemy.
    Prerequisites: BAB +9

    The same as the ordinary improved critical d20 feat. Simply renamed to allow easier discerning between the two new ones (this one, and (damage)).

    - Multi-Tap

    With any weapon, all of your trigger fingers can be kept at a furious pace in any firefight.
    Prerequisites: BAB +8, Double Tap, Twin Tap
    You may double tap with any weapon that you are allowed to fire in a single round that falls into the proper parameters to allow for a double tap to be performed using said weapon (magazine/cylinder/space in gun allows for an additional bullet to be loaded and fired simultaneously in a free action; ie. not a pump-action shotgun, which requires seperate actions to load and fire, despite the 'pump' being a free-action, whereas magazine fed glock's or S&W revolvers are allowed). Multi-Tap can be performed with a quick draw or with a character wielding more than two guns (ie., in 3 arms).

    - Bullet Facet
    Your trigger fingers are a hidden, sleeping beast. And when everyone else starts shooting, you're there to match each and every one in terms of cordite let loose.
    Prerequisites: BAB +12, Many Shot, Twin Tap, Rapid Reload, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Sundering Shot; wielding two light weapons that allow for double tapping.

    You may have your character ready an action to shoot anyone that appears in her view, twice with each weapon. Double taps are excluded (and may be performed with each shot fired), as is many shot (which may be applied to one weapon, with the inclusion of double taps, albeit at an increasing penalty of -2 for each additional shot after the two shots fired with that weapon). All of this may occur in the same surprise round as a result of your character's readied action.
    During combat, your character may apply many shot to both of her weapons in a single round (include all penalties for many shot on each weapon as well as offhand penalties), however this does not apply when readying an action to fire.

    - Invisible Shooter

    Prerequisites: Hide (8 ranks)/disguise(8 ranks)/bluff(8 ranks)/move silently (8 ranks) (either one; disguise/bluff must include appropriate RP knowledge from the opposing player/npc (they don't know that the disguised/bluffing character is planning to shoot them), point blank shot, quick draw (optional; read description)

    The character may apply a sudden strike/sneak attack bonus (1d6 at 5th level, increase die count by 1 for every 3 levels after 5), to their initial shot (or two shots if attacking with two firearms; initial shot for each weapon). If in plain view of the character they are going to shoot, the character must have the quick draw feat (in order to perform the action rapidly enough that the enemy cannot prepare themselves). If hidden, the character does not require the quick draw feat. Invisible shooter does not work like sneak attack in that the character may not perform it while flanking (while the enemy is temporarily unaware of the character). If the enemy was not aware of the character until now, then the character may perform the invisible shooter feat (while not in plain view; ie. while flanking in the beginning of combat, when the enemy never had the chance to be previously aware). If the enemy has knowledge that the character is planning the shoot them, then the character may not apply this damage bonus to their initial shot(s) when they actually do open fire.

    - Enamored and Unarmored

    Prerequisites: Armored Mobility, Dex 15

    While armored, decrease your character's effective armor check penalty by a factor of 1. If wearing masterwork armor, the character may instead have the option of increasing the max dex bonus of the armor type (masterwork) when worn by that character by 1.
    If unarmored, apply a +2 bonus to all skill checks that factor in armor checks.

    - Rapid Focus

    You are accustomed to adapting to the sensory stimulation ordinary of battle. You may adapt to shooting your target before you can even get a clear picture of the target in question.
    Prerequisites: Spot (4 ranks), Improved Initiative, point blank shot, Dex 13, Wis 15

    On a readied action, your character has a +2 bonus to attacks with ranged weapons, as well as an additional +2 bonus if attacking a character of an alignment similar to her own (ie. good and/or lawful unless of an opposite polarity such as lawful evil).
    In combat, your character also has a 10% chance to determine that she really hit the target (after missing) albeit at applying her dexterity modifier to damage. When attacking characters in partial or total cover, after failing the miss chance, she may still roll 30% chance to re-roll the roll if she was also taking cover.
    Finally, on the first round, your character has a +2 to attack rolls with ranged weapons if attacking within point blank range.

    - Sundering Shot
    Prerequisites: Firearms proficiency, Rapid Shot, debatable ammunition (to determine opposition to weapon/armor hardness)

    Your character may target an enemy's weapon at a -4 to attack roll to attempt to sunder it according to the rules of attempting to sunder any item/weapon/armor of an opposing character during combat. If attacking in a surprise round, this -4 to attack stays the same if targeting an enemy's weapon, however the -4 to attack doesn't apply if targeting an enemy's armor. This may be done at any range. If sundering an enemy's armor, and all hardness is completely bypassed with the shot, then any additional damage may be done to the enemy npc/pc in question. Additionally, an object may be sundered by a bullet and then send the bullet to damage the enemy if the enemy is within the path of the bullet aimed at the object at a 5% miss chance. Objects may include walls. If your character does not have extensive knowledge of the enemy on the other side, then the miss chance is instead 10%. If the object is not fully sundered (all hardness in that area is only partially removed), then the bullet simply stops 'inside' the object. If the bullet does not bypass the object's DR, then the bullet rebounds.
    This feat only applies to firearms.

    - Continuous Rapid Reload
    Prerequisites: Rapid Reload, Dex 17, Two Weapon Fighting

    You may rapid reload as many times as you wish during a single round or surprise round during combat with any amount of weapons. Rapid reload is performed as a seperate free-action from every double tap your character makes in the same round.

    - Crank Shaft
    You can really crank the shaft in a non-sexual manner of context!
    Prerequisites: Dex 17, Strength 13, Double Tap, Rapid Shot, Ranged Weapons Proficiency

    You may have your character pump a pump action shotgun as well as double tap as the same free action. This feat allows for you to merge two free actions to become one (the same can be performed with a repeating crossbow). Additionally, crank shaft allows you to merge double tap and the 'pump/crank' free action into one hand, instead of requiring the usual two hands.
    Effectively, this allows your character to dispense more bullets/bolts in the same round.

    I'll have armor and two weapon prestige classes up momentarily.

    - Parabolic Shot
    You can allow bullets to curve along the x axis during their path to the target.
    Prerequisites: Dex 15, Precise Shot, Rapid Focus

    Depending on however many squares make up the object(s) that you are firing around to reach the target directly on the other side, you may take -2 penalty to hit them with the addition of either 10%, 20%, or 30% miss chance. Without a good idea where the target's location is upon firing however, your character must instead take a 20%, 40% or 60% miss chance (depending on occupying squares of object impeding path in relation to your character's vantage point from the enemy). If the character has only immediately acknowledged the enemy (say the enemy appears suddenly and an initiative is to be made), then your character must take a 30%, 60%, or 90% miss chance (amount of allocating squares must be determined by GM), to attempt a parabolic shot. A parabolic shot is usually only attempted 'horizontally' along the x-axis/y-axis (depending on where she is facing on the map), rather than over an object on the 'z axis'. A vertical parabolic shot can be attempted, however height of the bullet in relation to the enemy's position must also be taken into effect.
    Multiple parabolic shots can be made, but at an increasing -2 penalty to hit the enemy. Shots are determined by rolling for the miss chance first and then rolling against the enemy's AC (to determine the final location of the bullet). There must be generally an immediately recognizable path to the enemy before attempting this feat (in the case of confusion, the GM can always demand an intuition check for any prior rounds that could count as 'passive study' of the area). This feat may be combined in conjunction with other feats (ie. rapid shot & double tap, invisible shooter, etc.).

    - Deflecting Shot
    Prerequisites: Spot(12 ranks), Awareness (12 ranks), knowledge (kinetic physics; 12 ranks), rapid focus, Wisdom 15, dex 19, Sundering Shot, Precise Shot, Improved Initiative or lightning reflexes (choose either), the fighter 'art of war' that allowed for attack actions to be made off round

    You can deflect an incoming bullet by firing a bullet of your own. On impact, the bullet will either sunder or change the path of the other bullet (normal sunder rules apply in this phase; usually a failure to bypass a bullets material DR means both bullets fly in a harmless direction). Spotting an incoming bullet with the aid of this bullet is usually DC 30. Spotting an incoming bullet in a surprise round or from far away (excess 300 feet) is DC 40. Spotting an incoming bullet from an invisible shooter is DC 50. Once spotted, you can shoot at the bullet by rolling your dexterity score against the opponent's dexterity score and adding the squares of the shooter/10 (rounded up) (effectively to determine the bullet's AC while moving). Double taps may be performed in this face, but not rapid shot additions. You may add an additional firearm in an attempt to change the path/destroy the oncoming bullet however this will require another DC check and attack roll against the bullet's AC (already determined). If any of the DC checks fail, your character simply does not respond in time, despite the initial DC and attack roll succeeding (in which case it's better to throw a body in front of the bullet in question ).

    - Clone Shot
    So practiced are you, that you can duplicate a firing maneuver continuously in terms of both accuracy and affliction.
    Prerequisites: Precise Shot, Wis 15, Dex 19, Rapid Shot, Rapid Focus, Parabolic Shot, Firearms Proficiency, Weapon Focus: Light Fire Arms, Continuous Rapid Reloading, BAB +10

    At the beginning of your round, roll a d20 and apply your wisdom modifier. This is how many shots you may duplicate after the initial bullet that your character shoots. All attack rolls, miss chance rolls, sunders and even damage are the same; essentially multiplied according to the amount of bullets you are allowed to dispense at a full attack action that fall into the parameter that is the number rolled before you made your first attack action for that round. All attacks remain precisely equal unless the enemy changes squares during this firing phase (in which case, either you have the option of recalculating the clone shot if your character is permitted more than one/day, take a 50% miss chance for each additional bullet in the maneuver, or end your turn after one swift action, such as dropping into total defense, withdrawing weapons, 5 foot step, etc.).
    This maneuver may be attempted once per day at 10th level, twice/day at 13th, and recurring.

    Deft Shots
    You are quick to shoot and quick to withdraw.
    Prerequisites: Quick Draw, Combat Reflexes, Dex 15, BAB +1

    A shooter may both draw and shoot a firearm at an opponent adjacent to her without provoking any attacks of opportunity from anyone nearby, or from the target itself. If the opponent has evasion, they may roll a reflex save against your attack roll to determine whether or not they may avoid the attack completely, causing the bullet to miss, despite the shooter overcoming their AC; however they may not roll a reflex save versus weapons that fire in a radius, such as spread fire or a cone (either from a firearm such as an automatic subtype, a shotgun subtype, or a shotgun's automatic variant subtype). Improved evasion allows the opponent to apply a +5 bonus to their reflex save, as well as have the option to roll against radius attacks adjacent to them; however the feat that the shooter has (being this feat) prevents the opponent, or anyone else, from ever being granted an attack of opportunity prior to the attack in that specific round.
    Finally, the shooter may make a one 5 foot step both before and after the attack, replacing the 5 foot step that they are initially granted at the beginning of the round. This movement entitlement may stack with other 5 foot steps that are granted from among the fighter's 'arts of war' abilities or from magical items.
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    Y'know, the chair isn't exactly a chair and it's actually an imp fireball disguised as a chair and if you sit on it, it'll cast 'imp fireball' on you with an imp fireball, or something.

    Or wait, maybe that imp fireball happens to actually be a chair disguised as an imp fireball. A chair disguised as an imp fireball disguised as a chair.


    My City Proverbial reference to my hometown, yo

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    Default Re: Shootin', Tankin' and Bashin' (1 variant & 2 new prestige; new feats included)

    Prestige: Big Whopper

    The big whopper, is essentially, a warrior who makes use of their own unnatural amount of strength with a two handed melee weapon. Their chosen weapon is their pride, without it they are useless.
    Prerequisites: Strength 20, BAB +3, Power Attack, Weapon Focus: A two handed weapon, Equipping a 2 handed weapon

    Non-negotiable Terms: Must made an impressive demonstration of strength when wielding a large weapon, such that they shock or impress or scare their cohorts (whichever one). Ie. Crush a significant slab of stone beneath the flat of their sword or club/great axe (whichever), impale a large tree stump and then subsequently pull the weapon free, hack a massive branch in two with one swing, etc.

    (No table currently exists)

    Immense Weapon Proficiency: At first level, the big whopper has the option of choosing a two handed weapon of a size larger than the one he's currently wielding, and wield it effectively, or choose from a new class of weapon type to be listed (Great Blade, Great Mace, etc.) that they may have the option of buying and then wielding (must also find/craft/buy the larger weapon size if they choose that; the weapon will not magically appear before them).

    Immense Weapon Style: At 2nd level, the big whopper chooses which melee weapon damage type he may wish to specialize in (piercing, slashing, or bludgeoning). He is then able to wield a two handed weapon that features that damage type as if he had +4 strength. The additional strength only applies when he is wielding a specific weapon of this type.

    Bludgeoning Feats

    Brutal Strikes: At 3rd level, if the big whopper has chosen bludgeoning as his damage type, he is able to deliver crushing blows that deal an incremental +1 to attack and damage for every successful swing of his weapon on a single designated opponent. He gains this feat, even if he originally did not meet the prerequisites for it.

    Combat Brute: At 4th level, the big whopper is treated as having combat brute, even if he did not meet the original prerequisites for it. If he has already taken the combat brute feat, he instead receives shock trooper as a free, unrestricted bonus feat. If he already has both feats, he instead acquires a +4 misc. bonus to his jump skill.

    Superior Power Attack: At 5th level, the big whopper has the option of sacrificing points on both AC and attack to multiply his power attack damage bonus by a factor of 2 and 1/2.

    Abysmal Strength: At 6th level, the big whopper's strength bonus when wielding the preordained weapon damage type is doubled to a total factor of +8.

    Awesome Blow: At 7th level, the big whopper can force opponents one size smaller than him to roll a fort save against his attack roll, or be knocked prone 10 feet (2 squares) away from him. If they collide with another object along their path to prone-haven (this can include pcs/npcs), they suffer 1d6 damage. In the case of colliding with pcs/npcs, both characters fall prone and suffer 1d6 damage, however the pc/npc in question may make a fortitude or reflex save against the awesome blow to avoid falling prone themselves. The big whopper gains this feat, even if he didn't originally meet the prerequisites for it.

    Major Awesome Blow: At 8th level, the big whopper can apply such force after a successful awesome blow, that he knocks opponents of the same size as him out of the way as if they were being knocked aside by an opponent one size larger than themselves. Additionally, opponents of one size smaller or less than the big whopper can be knocked up to 40 feet away, suffering 3d6 damage if they collide with any objects along their path. When the target stops 'flying', they fall prone. If they collide with objects and suffer damage, they fall prone. Both suffer damage and fall prone if the target collides with an npc/pc. If two npcs/pcs occupy the space, the group falls prone. PCs/npcs hit by the flying target (opponent affected by major awesome blow) must make a fort or reflex save dc of 1 and 1/2*the attack roll of the major awesome blow. The big whopper may also lift the target up into the air in an arc if they are one size smaller. The target may then suffer falling damage depending on how high into the air they were in addition to the 1d6 damage that they suffer in their temporarily dazed, knocked state. To determine how far away they are when they land, the big whopper is given a choice of how much of an arc they wish to perfect in their major awesome blow attack. The arc (in distance away from big whopper) is subtracted from maximum height (40 feet). If lifted upwards, the target will always fall at least one square away from the big whopper (and if their is a ceiling, along their path through the z-axis, they suffer 1d6 damage in addition to falling damage after the target collides with the floor once more). The big whopper gains this feat, even if they didn't meet the original prerequisites for it.

    Sweeping Strikes:
    At 9th level, the big whopper can apply awesome blow to multiple adjacent foes as if he were performing a great cleave. After a successful awesome blow on the first flow, he may bring his weapon to roll an awesome blow against the next foe, and so on. The big whopper may not lift opponents upwards in this fashion (unless he chooses to end his sweeping strike on a certain foe). Finally, the big whopper may choose to deal nonlethal damage on foes one size smaller than himself when performing this maneuver, without ever taking a penalty to attack.

    Cometary Strike:

    Some adventurers apply their full attack in an attempt to force the foe to meet their maker, but for me, just one strike, the strike of a demigod such as myself, is enough to insure that the enemy may never endanger my loved ones any further. If ever at all.
    - Hurreah 'Bear' Gulligan; 'big whopper' warrior, possessor of great unnatural strength and an unnaturally large weapon

    At 10th level, the big whopper can ready an action to meet another character's charge, or make a charge of their own. Upon a successful attack roll, they have the option of knocking the opponent prone, as well as rolling to sunder their armor. If the armor is of a material hardness less than that of the big whopper's weapon, then the armor automatically splinters and cracks, breaking completely and becoming useless. Additionally, the victim is knocked a crushing blow that drives him earthwards. If the opponent was charging, they are instead issued the effects of an awesome blow and their charge is canceled. If the opponent is one size larger, then they have the option of making a fortitude save or suffering the effects of a successful bullrush from a character of the same size as themselves. If they are greater than one size larger than the big whopper, then they must still roll against a trip attempt as if from a creature of the same size as themselves (increase the size of big whopper to match opponent in this case).

    Empowerment: At 10th level, if the big whopper exercises for an hour, they may fight as if they were one size larger for that day. If the big whopper is carrying magical items that offer non-temporary, permanent bonuses to things that the big whopper may use, then the big whopper may temporarily sacrifice those bonuses in order to behave as if one size larger for a week, for the duration.


    Great Mace
    Such a mighty mace was only crafted for the mightiest of men around. Even those who dedicated themselves to physical perfection were perhaps deemed unable to wield it. For some, no true warrior would wield it, for a 'warrior' depends on skill, speed and cunning rather than simply strength. Other would disagree, for such a large weapon is so heavy, that it poses an advantage if wielded effectively, simply due to its inherit mass. Opinions always vary.
    Prerequisites (to wield): Strength 20
    Weight: 80lbs.
    Damage: 3d8
    Critical: 20/x3
    Apperance: A powerful handle the size of a 5 foot pole (like a bench press barbell) crafted of a dense material, and a mighty sphere at the end composed mostly of metal and wood. Often stored in warehouses suspended by thick leather strapping. One would have to have special information to know to seek this weapon out, for smith's rarely display them in public (why show if it won't sell?), except in the case of large weapon based outlets whom like to advertise their existence.

    Idea taken from former campaign (forgot which).

    Great Blade
    Prerequisites: Strength 20
    Weight: 60lbs.
    Damage: 4d6
    Critical: 19-20/x2
    Reach: 10ft.
    Appearance: A ridiculously massive sword of dense but light metal material. The blade can be razor sharp, but despite the material, is still heavy due simply to the size. The handle itself is quite thick (around 2 and 1/2 feet, wrapped in dense leather; may vary with a crescent circle to assist the user in maintaining a hold on the blade whilst swinging) and the blade itself can extend to upwards of seven feet.
    Similar in concept to the sword of Guts (from Berserk) or of Cloud (FF7... need I reference at all).
    Special Ability: A user may 'thrust' with the weapon, taking advantage of it's size to make 10ft reach attacks. The weapon may also be used against adjacent foes without penalty.

    Great Lance
    Prerequisites: Strength 18
    Reach: 15 feet (3 squares; for all other purposes according to reach, this weapon counts as a normal lance)
    Weight: 90lbs.
    Damage: 3d6 (counts as lance for purposes of determining damage in other situations)
    Critical: 19-20/x4
    Appearance: This lance can be anywhere from 14 - 18, or even 20 feet long. It's sheer weight can be a limit for even mounts, and it has proven hell for even veteran jousters and warriors to wield in battle, let alone lift in one hand.
    Ability: A character on foot can choose to use this weapon to deal nonlethal damage and force the opponent to make a fort save of 1 and 1/2*the wielder's attack roll or fall prone. Mounted users of this weapon may force a 2*their own attack roll versus the opponent's fort save to force them to fall prone. In addition, victims of a 'spirited charge' must also make this latter fort save or fall prone, even if the damage is lethal.

    Great Spear
    Prerequisites: Strength 20
    Weight: 100lbs.
    Reach: 15 feet (3 squares; for all other purposes according to reach, this weapon counts as a long spear)
    Damage: 3d12
    Critical: x4
    Appearance: Huge. To say the least. Does not count as a large weapon to a medium character (wields like a medium weapon).
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    Y'know, the chair isn't exactly a chair and it's actually an imp fireball disguised as a chair and if you sit on it, it'll cast 'imp fireball' on you with an imp fireball, or something.

    Or wait, maybe that imp fireball happens to actually be a chair disguised as an imp fireball. A chair disguised as an imp fireball disguised as a chair.


    My City Proverbial reference to my hometown, yo

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    Default Re: Shootin', Tankin' and Bashin' (1 variant & 2 new prestige; new feats included)


    You are the heavy cavalry: yet you are unmounted. Barreling at tremendous speeds, your immense supernatural strength propels you forward like a rhino. Your defensive perimeter is dirived entirely from your armor and shields. While you might sound like an interstellar battlecruiser in some cliche' sci-fi RP session, you still run rampant in the middle ages. Nobody can stop you!

    The 'Battlecruiser' is the term given to a powerful armored combatant. The heavier they are and the higher they can get their AC, the better they fight. Their armor is used to crush their opponents. Their prime stat is strength for taking advantage of their maneuvers and their efficiency at hitting, damaging, grappling and crushing their foes. 'Tumble' though oddly, is an essential skill for them to initiate rolling attacks in which they roll like a bowling ball towards their target of choice. The heavier they are, the more powerful they are. Battlecruisers also have access to a special type of really heavy armor dubbed simply as 'immense heavy armor type armor'. Immense heavy armor is a type of armor that it is incredibly heavy, such that most humans cannot wear it without being completely rendered immobile, suffocated, prone, etc. However, the battlecruiser's already tremendous strength can be utilized effectively with this armor in hand. They are deadly warriors, perfect for the front line and for taking hits. Unsurprisingly, they also make a great solo build, however the player must always pay attention to movement and squares each round at all costs.

    Prerequisites: Strength 20, Armored mobility, tower shield proficiency, power attack, two weapon fighting, improved shield bash, BAB +3

    HD: 1d12/level

    (No table ready yet)

    - Shut Away At 1st level, you gain immense heavy armor proficiency. Review armor descriptions for more information.

    - Proper Stepping

    You are highly self aware, and know how to move in the correct order and properly exploit motives on the battlefield, while wearing incredibly heavy armor.
    At 1st level, when wearing armor that falls under the class 'immense heavy armor', you +2 bonus to all armor checks while fighting. In addition, at all times while wearing this armor, you act as if you had the 'alertness' feat, even if you did not have any prior prerequisites to gain it.

    - Slam
    At 1st level, you may 'slam' prone targets for lethal or nonlethal damage without penalty. You may also slam them against inanimate objects such as walls for double damage (to be determined by GM, whether by successful grapple or after bullrush, etc.). You may also shield bash with a tower shield without any reduction to AC.

    Tower Shield (treated as one handed weapon)
    Need 17 strength to wield effectively
    Damage: 1d10 nonlethal (lethal if spiked)

    - Cold Encasement
    You move well with your armor, as if you were originally somehow born inside of it.
    At 2nd level, the hardness of your armor doubles. In addition, you can sleep in the armor without penalty, as if you had the endurance feat, despite not having the prerequisites for it.

    - Improved Unarmed Strike
    At 2nd level, the battlecruiser gains this feat, even if he did not have the prior prerequisites for it.

    - Enamored and Unarmored
    At 2nd level, you gain this feat, even if you did not have the prior prerequisites for it. This feat may stack in this special case, if you have already acquired the feat previously (before taking on battlecruiser levels).

    Bullish Behavior
    At 3rd level, you gain both 'improved bullrush' and 'improved overrun', even if you did not have the prior prerequisites for them. If you have already taken both these feats, instead increase effective base speed of your battlecruiser by 10ft.

    - Two Weapon Clench
    At 3rd level, the battlecruiser may grapple the enemy after a successful attack roll from each shield that is being used as a weapon.

    - Improved Grapple

    At 3rd level, the battlecruiser also acquires improved grapple, even if he did not meet the prerequisites for it.

    - Crunch Fall
    At 4th level, you can land from a great height harmlessly (1/2 the reflex save to make a fort save normally required to attempt a 'safe fall), however you still pose a hazard to others. Your battlecruiser behaves much like a heavy object when falling and deals damage according to his weight (as determined by GM).

    - Rapid Recovery
    At 4th level, the battlecruiser can recover from a prone position as a swift action, however he must make an armor check in conjunction with his strength.

    - Boulder
    At 4th level, when prone, you become an object. Your character's body is fully contained by her armor, and enemies must bypass its hardness in order to harm your character. The same applies to touch spells and the like.
    In addition, falling prone on slopes and ledges will allow your battlecruiser to roll down and become a deadly hazard to those along his path (according to weight and effective speed as allocated by the GM). In addition he make knock enemies prone unless they succeed on a fort save chosen by the GM.
    You must make a reflex save and a strength check to stop yourself from rolling once you've begun. You will stop rolling and fall prone after colliding with a surface for which you will always suffer 1d6 nonlethal damage. You may also stop amid npcs, or stop by yourself (usually the 'prone space' is determined to be double the amount of a downward angle the battlecruiser cruised before reaching flat surface; when rolling up an upward angle, the battlecruiser must make a strength check for every 20ft/15ft/10ft (depending on degree of upward angle), or change direction and begin rolling the way (inevitably downwards)).

    - Quake
    At 5th level, upon landing after a jump check, you can generate a shock wave of which all npcs/pcs in the radius (50ft max) must make a fort save against (according to height achieved as well as weight of battlecruiser) or fall prone.

    - Bonus Feat
    At 5th level, the battlecruiser may choose one fighter bonus feat.

    - Push Back
    At 5th level, the battlecruiser may gain push back, even if he doesn't meet the prerequisites. If they already have push back, they may acquire an additional permanent miscellaneous bonus of +2 to their strength score.

    - Epic Slam
    At 6th level, after a successful roll, the battlecruiser can choose to knock adjacent npcs flying like bowling pins, as if under the effect of a 'major awesome blow' dealing full nonlethal damage (or half lethal damage), and then fall prone.

    - Rumble
    At 7th level, the battlecruiser gains snap kick and dual strike as feats even if he can't meet the prerequisites for them. In addition, he may shake the earth by making short hops about the earth and beating his armored chest, thus creating a morale bonus of +2 to all allies in attack, AC and damage (doubles every 3 levels thereafter), whilst performing this 'dance' (does not factor in the 'perform: dance' skill); additionally gaining a +4 to intimidate checks. Finally, the battlecruiser can deal double lethal damage to grappled opponents of whom he chooses to 'crush'. Crushing opponents against inanimate objects such as walls will yield 50% additional damage unless the GM wishes to factor in hardness of the inanimate object compared to hardness of battlecruiser's armor, etc.

    - Rage of the Iron Man
    At 8th level, you can rage similar to how a barbarian does, except instead you gain a base speed of 100% your normal base speed, as well as a strength bonus of 1/2 your total strength. Disarm attempts that the battlecruiser makes while unarmed may result in fully sundered weapons that he successfully disarms.

    - Incredible Credibility

    At 8th level, the battlecruiser's armor hardness doubles once more, and may now instantly sunder the armor of grappled opponents of whom the battlecruiser chooses to 'crush'. Unsuccessful attempts to sunder a battlecruiser's armor will also result in the weapon used to sunder becoming fully sundered itself. The battlecruiser also acquires DR/2.

    - Charge/Leap of the Rhino
    At 9th level, you can charge and full attack in the same round. In addition, you suffer no armor check penalties on a jump check when making a leap attack. You may also make a tumble check during a charge to determine whether or not you literally roll towards the enemy, becoming an unstoppable heavy metal object. Tumble checks are easier on ground slanting downwards and 'standard dc as determined by gm' on flat surfaces. When rolling uphill, you must make a successful strength check as determined by the DM as well as a tumble check for flat surfaces.

    - Armored Call
    At 10th level, the battlecruiser's armor may glow hot while he performs his battle cry. All enemies must roll to save against fear effects or be panicked (if lower than HD10) or frightened if anything higher.

    - Mighty Ram
    At 10th level, a successful roll against an inanimate object will allow the battlecruiser to make a sunder check against it to bypass hardness. The roll for the check is doubled, and if successful, the damage will factor in strength. The damage is also doubled. The inanimate object is something like a wall, a massive hole will be created along the wall the size of a few squares adjacent and inside the square where the sunder was made and the battlecruiser will have the option of continuing to roll through.

    - Metal Monstrosity
    At 10th level, the battlecruiser may grapple before, after or during a successful roll or leap attack. He may also roll as a swift action (which still results from a sucessful tumble check that does not factor in armor check penalties unless rolling uphill), after or before attacking.

    Bonus Feat
    At 10th level, the battlecruiser may select a bonus feat from the fighter's list of bonus feats.

    - Thickened Steel Encasing
    At 11th level, The damage reduction of the battlecruiser's armor and the battlecruiser himself are increased to DR/6.

    - Cruise Control
    At 12th level, the battlecruiser has the option of shifting direction while rolling whenever he wants without making a reflex save. He may make jump checks while rolling (factoring in rolling speed to determine distance), however he may not completely reverse direction. He may rebound off walls in order to change direction without a reflex save and make balance checks to continue rolling along narrow surfaces and ledges.

    - Metal Feast
    At 13th level, the battlecruiser can use his weight to compress and shape metal without any penalties against bypassing hardness/damage reduction. His crush attack may also completely ignore damage reduction and may increase the weight of his armored to triple how heavy it was originally (applying additional plates, larger spikes on various body parts and the suit, decorations, etc.). The battlecruiser may also grapple and crush multiple opponents at his base attack bonus divided by 3 and rounded down (to determine maximum number of opponents he may grapple at once).

    Bonus Feat

    At 14th level, the Battlecruiser may select a bonus feat from the fighter's list of bonus feats.

    - Beast of the Metal
    At 14th level, the battlecruiser can have superior power attack without meeting prerequisites. His leap attack may translate into a rolling attack as well and vise versa. The battlecruiser, when prone, may also shoot his armor spikes at enemies in a radius surrounding him (only one spike may target each enemy, the remainder will miss unless there are double the spikes as there are enemies) as if they ranged projectiles being propelled from heavy crossbows (take no penalty for unorthodox weapon use; use range of heavy crossbow). For all intents and purposes, metal spikes are treated as crossbow bolts (for determining what happens to them after they are shot). The battlecruiser will also lose his metal spikes, unless he spends rounds to make craft/profession (metalworking) checks to refit those he's found to his armor (a successful check still needs 3-6 rounds to fully refit a spike).

    - Epic Pummelin'
    At 15th level, The battlecruiser gains greater flurry of blows and perfect two weapon fighting, even if he did not meet the prerequisites for it.

    - Metal Maw
    At 15th level, upon successfully crushing opponents and killing them, their armor or natural armor AC bonuses, hardness and the like temporarily apply and stack with the battlecruiser's AC/DR/Hardness. All crushed opponents in the next few rounds stack with the battlecruiser for this purpose.
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    Default Re: Shootin', Tankin' and Bashin' (1 variant & 2 new prestige; new feats included)

    Immense Heavy Armor:

    Movement penalties: 15' for Medium characters (leads to much humor for battlecruiser prc characters)

    Encompassing Full Plate

    AC Bonus: 10
    Armor Check Penalty: -8
    Weight: 90lbs.
    Spell Failure: 50%
    Mass: Encompassing Full Plate makes the character appear larger then they actually are. Gain height of 6''.
    Joints: Encompassing Full Plate, while covering the character, has many open joints that work like negative fortification. Studying the wearer for 1 full round can actually double the critical threat range of a character's weapon when attacking the wearer on the next round.
    Cost: 2500gp (price of fitting wearer, as well as fashioning and making plates).
    Max Dex Allowed: 0 (no material can reduce the max dex allowed, however lighter additional material, such as mithral, can be fashioned to the suit to upgrade its AC or hardness)

    Thick Full Plate
    AC Bonus: 9
    Armor Check Penalty: -7
    Weight: 60lbs.
    Cost: 2200gp
    Spell Failure: 40%
    Max Dex Allowed: 1
    Description: Thick Full Plate, is similar to standard full plate, however it's plates are thicker, giving the suit's areas more hp (for sundering purposes), and a slightly higher AC, but at the price that it qualifies as 'immense heavy armor'. It's thickened nature can make it harder to breathe and move in and so users must be more proficient with it.

    Thick Encompassing Full Plate
    AC Bonus: 11
    Armor Check Penalty: -9
    Weight: 100lbs (at least)
    Cost: 3200gp
    Spell Failure: 60%
    Max Dex allowed: 0 (same as encompassing full plate)
    Joints: Same effect as encompassing full plate.
    Mass: Same as encompassing full plate.
    Description: Thicker armor offers greater hp, and a slight increase in AC.

    Immensely Thick Full Plate
    AC Bonus: 12
    Armor Check Penalty: -10
    Weight: 120lbs. (at least)
    Cost: 3600gp
    Spell Failure: 65%
    Max Dex allowed: -1
    Fortification: Layers of metal underneath external layers of metal, in addition to a suit of hardened layer have actually prevented the wearer from suffering increased vulnerability to critical strikes. No matter how much the user studies the wearer, they may not recieve any bonuses to critical striking related to the armor itself.
    Mass: Increase wearer height by 8'' (may treat as large if the wearer bypasses height limits on medium characters, huge if bypassing large height limits, medium if bypassing small, etc.)
    Motors: The suit is like a finely smelted dome in the torso region and their are much other open inner spaces. Servo motors can be installed in the legs to increase base movement speed or even offer strength bonuses if installed in the arms. Installation fees can be pricey however. (apply craft/profession for motors accordingly) Motors may break down if the suit suffers what were otherwise harmless damage (falling collisions, etc.), if motors are not oiled, etc., and must be replaced or add weight and even discomfort that results in piling armor check penalties if they are not removed.

    Personalized Encompassing Full Plate
    ('thick' may be applied to get rid of critical threat bonuses if studied, at a fee of 200gp)
    AC Bonus: 13 (14 if 'thick')
    Armor Check Penalty: -9
    Weight: 140lbs. (Add 15lbs to thicken)
    Max Dex Allowed: -1
    Mass: Increases wearer's mass by a full 10''
    Cost: 4000gp ('Masterwork' adds an additional 500gp)
    Description: This suit is personalized to the wearer in such a way that it offers greater comfort. The wearer must spend at least 2 weeks with the fitter however, so that the fitter may make calculations and relay the information to the smith (or take it into account if they happen to be the smith)
    Intimidation: The suit is so immense that it offers a +2 morale bonus to intimidation checks performed by the wearer.
    Shields: The fore-plates of the wearer's bracers are specially fitted to allow the attaching of heavy shields (lessen armor check penalty by -2 for heavy shields). Tower shields may also be wielded with an armor check penalty of -1. Applying anything else to the bracers will not interfere with these standard-issue applications.
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    Y'know, the chair isn't exactly a chair and it's actually an imp fireball disguised as a chair and if you sit on it, it'll cast 'imp fireball' on you with an imp fireball, or something.

    Or wait, maybe that imp fireball happens to actually be a chair disguised as an imp fireball. A chair disguised as an imp fireball disguised as a chair.


    My City Proverbial reference to my hometown, yo

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