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    Default Megatokyo - D20 Modern Setting

    Hello. For those of who have read my previous projects, the Kingdom of Loathing Classes and the Tokyo Arcana classes (link to both in my sig), I'd like to welcome you. The truth is that the Tokyo Arcana classes were actually part of a larger setting, a sort of fanwork based on a webcomic I like.

    Thanks to some encouragement (and before I lose my nerve), I've decided to put up the pdfs containing the setting themselves. I've done my best to try to show the spirit of the sources that inspired me, with a scant few ideas of my own.

    Feel free to read, comment, criticize all you'd like, although I do ask that you please stop short of actual lynching. . I thank everyone for their support. I'm working on stuff at the moment, but I do hope to one day see if I can recreate the Advanced Classes as 4th ed regular classes. Thanks everyone, and I hope you enjoy this!

    Megatokyo D20 Modern Setting -
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