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    Default Equipment advice for a ranger

    Level 4, normal WBL(5400 according to this chart I found). Going down the archery path. Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Equipment advice for a ranger

    Mithril Breastplate, enchanted if you can afford it.

    Magic bow. Some +1 magic arrows with +dice damage on them (depending on cost/wealth, use them when you need the extra oomph).

    What support do you have?

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    Default Re: Equipment advice for a ranger

    Mithral chainshirt is better choice for dex oriented characters in the beginning because both chainshirt and breastplate give you a total of 10 to AC (assuming that both are mithral and you have sufficient dexterity) but mithral chainshirt is 3000 gp cheaper than the breastplate and you won't get armor check penalty to your skills.

    To the equipment:

    - Mithral chainshirt +1 (2100 gp)
    - Longbow +1 (2400 gp + 100 gp per point of strength bonus)
    - Additional types of arrows that deal slashing and bludgeoning damage (they are listed in Races of Wild IIRC)
    - Potions (cure light wounds, antitoxins and any other useful first level potions you can think of)

    See with you DM if you can get enchantment on your bow that allows it to automatically adjust its pull to your strength bonus. You can deduce its price from Bow of Wintermoon in Magic Item Compendium. Also, when you get some more money, get and augment crystal for your weapon (augment crystals sre listed in MIC).
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    Default Re: Equipment advice for a ranger

    If possible, an elvencraft bow is worth getting. Allows you to threaten/flank etc.

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    Default Re: Equipment advice for a ranger

    Well, if this is a long term campaign, I suggest you buy no magic items

    At this level, magic items provide very minor bonuses. Use mundane equipment. Buy some adamantine, silver, and cold iron arrows in case you run into a tough enemy with DR (use your Knowledge checks to be sure). Save the rest of your money for better stuff that you will get later.

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