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    Default 'Cause I Have Wings, And I Can Fly! [4E, Feats]

    So, a big part of the appeal of the Dragonborn for me, at least, was that the preview art sometimes showed them with wings. I imagined that, via appropriate feats or some such, one could eventually get your Dragonborn character to fly under his own power. While I've only had a chance to begin perusing my books (they arrived while I was away), I can't find anything to help me support this idea. So, here are my rough attempts at a solution. It's only an outline at this stage, since I haven't had a chance to get a sense of the numbers, but here it goes:

    Draconic Wings [Dragonborn, Heroic]
    Prerequisites: Dragonborn, feat must be taken at 1st level
    Benefit: You have a pair of wings that provide you with a +X bonus to Athletics checks involving jumping or climbing.

    Draconic Flight [Dragonborn, Paragon]
    Prerequisites: Dragonborn, Draconic Wings feat
    Benefit: Your wings now grant you a fly speed of X. You are consider a clumsy flier, and have an altitude limit of X.

    Improved Maneuverability
    Prerequisites: Fly speed (clumsy)
    Benefit: Your flight is no longer considered clumsy.

    Prerequisites: Fly speed (non-clumsy)
    Benefit: You may now hover.

    Improved Altitude
    Prerequisites: Fly speed
    Benefit: Your altitude limit increases by X.
    You may take this feat multiple times. Its effects stack.
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    Default Re: 'Cause I Have Wings, And I Can Fly! [4E, Feats]

    Looks fine to me, though it should be noted flight can be gotten by classes around level 16 (See wizard utility 16 Fly, Page 165 PHB). I'd start with a +2 bonus to athletics, And fly speed equal to the ground speed or some such. Don't know about the altitude limit.

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    Default Re: 'Cause I Have Wings, And I Can Fly! [4E, Feats]

    Yeah, flight is really powerful in that edition, you'd probably have to have some sort of in-combat restriction on flight based on how hard it is to move in air and battle at the same time. Or something.

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