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    Post 4e monster statblock question

    Ok, maybe I'm just dumb. I was reading the MM for the first time last night, and I noticed a lot of monsters have multiple at-will attack abilities, and they also tend to have an at-will attack ability that combines 2 of them. Is there any reason why a monster wouldn't use the doubled attack?

    Also, perhaps related, but my sleep deprived brain isn't making the connection, there are symbols, swords, next to each attack option, and some are in circles and some aren't. What is the significance of that, and where do I go to see where it says what the significance of it is.


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    Default Re: 4e monster statblock question

    The circles indicate Basic attacks. In certain circumstances, most notably opportunity attacks and the warlord's you-attack-instead-of-me ability, a character can only use a basic attack.

    Generally, non-basic attacks are somewhat stronger.
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    Default Re: 4e monster statblock question

    Monster Manual pg 7.

    The ones in circles are basic attacks, which are used for AoOs or when using powers which allow a basic attack.

    As for multiple at-wills, many will depend on circumstances (melee and ranged attacks for example).

    If there are two that work in the same circumstances, and one is clearly better than the other, chances are that one is a basic attack and the other one is an at-will power, and the monster will use the power unless it is taking an AoO or something like that.
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    biggrin Re: 4e monster statblock question

    That was fast! Thanks guys!!

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    Default Re: 4e monster statblock question

    *nod* -- the three most common uses of basic attacks are OA, Charges and "Make a basic attack" powers.

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