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    Default Make me an avatar!

    This is Grug. Up till now i've been a low impact board member, but i want to ramp it up into hi gear. I thnik to start i should get a propper avatar.

    First a bit about my name. If you've ever seen another Grug on the internet, It's me. No exceptions. I've used this screename for years. It all started when i tried to use battle.net for Diablo 1. I picked a warrior, and i needed a tough sounding name. So i picked Grug. And the name stuck. Grug became a mace-wielding badass who never made it past the caverns :P .

    However, in real life i am nothing like the brutish, club swinging tough i seem like. I enjoy riddles, games of mental skill, and Various bits of Trivia. If i had to give my stats, i'd say i have 6 Str, 8 dex, 12 Con 13 Int, 8 Wis, and 11 Cha.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the entries. The creator of my favorite avatar will recieve the services of the town Grug (grug's are lucky you know). Look in the archives, i was one of the first people to post in the town thread.

    Happy Crafting!
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    Default Re: Make me an avatar!

    Done and done.

    If you don't know who this is, you don't deserve that name.

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    Default Re: Make me an avatar!

    I'm gonna lock this one because we have an avatar request thread stickied over here: http://www.giantitp.com/cgi-bin/yabb...num=1155874894

    P.S. Nice work Serpentine!

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