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    Default Guyver for D&D 4E

    It took me a few days, but I finally got my Guyver conversion set up for use with 4E D&D.

    If it looks high powered, that's because it is. The Guyver is supposed to be an incredible weapon.

    How you work it into your campaign is up to you (or the DM), this is just an outline of it's abilities and bonuses.

    Much of the ďstoryĒ details will be left out so you donít have to waste your time re-reading much of what you probably already know, only game important information will be repeated. If you want to find out the complete history and anatomy of the Guyver, you could always get the manga and anime, right? The following page is divided into several sections and appears in the following order:

    (B1) Bio-Booster Armor Guyver
    (A2) Activating a Guyver Unit
    (S3) Summoning the Bio-Booster Armor Guyver
    (G4) The Guyver (racial traits and bonuses/penalties)
    (SD5) Self Defense Mode
    (W6) Weaponry

    (B1) Bio-Booster Armor Guyver
    The Guyver unit can be activated by humanoids and monstrous humanoids, although the Guyver armor reacts more radically with humans than other races. Regardless of the host creature, all Guyver units are similar to one another in appearance. Coloring, location and quantity of arm blades, as well as the exact placement of the eyes and head-sensors vary between individual units. Configuration of the chitinous plates is dependant on the physical characteristics of the host. All of the Guyverís abilities apply only when the armor has been summoned.

    (A2) Activating a Guyver unit
    To activate a Guyver unit, the prospective host places the Control Metal against their forehead. In doing so, the device unravels and grabs the being that activated it, knocking the grabbed target unconscious (save ends). Once activated, the Guyver armor is permanently bonded to the host; there are (currently) no known means of severing the Guyver from its host.

    (S3) Summoning The Bio-Booster Armor Guyver
    While not in use, the armor is stored in a pocket dimension (similar to a Bag of Holding) and can be called upon using the telepathic organism in the hostís back. The organism near the hostís shoulders appears to be burn scars unless more closely examined. After any attempted removal, they will re-grow within 30 minutes.
    Summoning the Guyver armor requires a move action. Next is a thunderous bang and a discharge of energy from the hostís chest that deals 2d6 force damage in a Close Burst 1, centered on you. The explosion and noise is caused by the Guyver armor piercing the barrier between the pocket dimension and the hostís dimension. Excluding shrapnel, all damage is contained within the blast. The Guyver surrounds the host, including clothes and almost any non-metallic armor equipped. Metal (such as chainmail, scale, and plate-mail), or bulky armor (like leather or hide) is ripped from the host, flying in all possible directions as shrapnel (hard materials deal 1d4 damage, softer materials deal 1 damage. Tight fitting clothes (and cloth armor) are not destroyed but instead are covered by the Guyver armor and remain after the armor is removed. The Guyver armor can be removed by simply willing it away. When the Guyver is removed, the host returns to their regular form; all bonuses from the Guyver are lost until the armor is summoned again. After the Guyver is removed the host must take a short rest, due to the Guyver feeding off of the hostís energy.

    (G4) The Guyver
    The next section details what bonuses are granted to the host when the Guyver is in use. Some bonuses stack with the hostís and others will not. There are two columns, one for regular humans and one for non-humans. The non-human category will encompass both humanoids and monstrous humanoids.
    --------------- Human ------- Non-Human
    # of Attacks 1 extra attack --1 extra attack
    STR ------------ +5 ------------ +3
    CON ------------ +3 ------------ +1
    DEX ------------ +3 ------------ +1
    CHA ------------ -3 ------------ -5
    Speed ---------- x2 ------------ x2
    Jump -------+5 to Athletics --+3 to Athletics
    Defense (All) ----- +5------------ +3
    HP ------------ Special -------- Special

    ∑Humans can fly at 3 times their base land speed. Humans also gain Regeneration 2 while the Guyver is in use.

    ∑Non-Humans can fly at 2 times their base land speed with Clumsy Maneuverability. Non-Humans have Regeneration 1 while the Guyver is in use.
    ∑Being a type of armor, all hosts gain an AC Bonus. +5 for humans, +3 for non-humans.

    ∑Since the Guyver armor is also a living creature, its' host is granted a bonus to their Fortitude, Reflex, and Will Defenses. +5 for humans, +3 for non-humans. An +3 Initiative bonus is also granted.

    ∑All hosts are granted immunity to mind control effects and natural diseases and poisons. A host also gains +3 to their saves against magical diseases and poisons. Hosts to the Guyver are granted Resist 10 to almost all damage types, but have Vulnerable 10 to acid.

    ∑When active/equipped, the Guyver armor heals the hostís HP by their Bloodied value and grants temporary hit points equal to the hostís maximum HP.

    ∑Due to the sustaining nature of the Guyver armor, a host can live 50-75% longer than other beings of the same race.

    Guyver Construction
    The exact material used to produce a Guyver is unknown, as the beings that created it have long since disappeared. Despite this fact, the Guyver is obviously an organic being. The Guyver armor regenerates damage it receives almost immediately, meaning that keeping track of damage to it is not necessary. Chitinous plates cover and protect large, key parts of the hostís body while a tendril-like wrapping fills in the gaps between different armor plates. Because of the unique methods and materials used to ďgrowĒ the Guyver units, it affords the host complete life support, renders gas attacks ineffectual, and allows the host to function normally underwater and even in deep space.

    Control Metal
    The Control Metal is what regulates power for the Guyver. It is fragile while the Guyver unit is not bonded with a host. In its un-bonded state, the Control Metal has the following stats: HP-40, AC-8, REF-8, FOR-8, Resist 10 (all). After the Guyver unit has bonded with a host, it is near invulnerable. The only way to destroy a Guyver is to remove the Control Metal. If the Control Metal is singled out and attacked (-3 Penalty), the shock of the attack will cause the Guyver to be Dazed for 2 rounds (Save Ends).

    To remove the Control Metal, you must succeed on an attack on the Control Metal (-3 Penalty), restrain the Guyver, and then attempt to pull the Control Metal out of the Guyverís forehead (DC 35 Strength check). Doing so destroys the Guyver, causing it to dissolve in a heaping mass of ooze. The removed Control Metal is now vulnerable to attack, with the following stats: HP-50, AC-10, REF-10, FOR-10, Resist 10 (all). Destroying the removed Control Metal permanently destroys a Guyver.
    If the Control Metal is not destroyed, it will completely regenerate the Guyver (host and all) within 3d6 hours unless frozen or similarly encased, which will pause the regenerative process until the Control Metal is no longer sealed. Once the Guyver has regenerated, the host is treated as having 0 HP and Regeneration 15. The Guyver goes into Self-Defense Mode until the host is regenerated up to full HP.
    The host has all its memories and abilities from the moment the Control Metal was removed, as if it never died. The only thing that does not regenerate is the hostís clothing and equipment. There is no loss of level or ability score damage from death and rebirth in this fashion.

    Head Sensors
    On the head of the Guyver are 2 metal hemispheres, one on each side of the head. These Head Sensors grant the user a +10 bonus on Perception, the Guyver cannot be flanked, and is immune to being surprised. These sensors are always active.

    Sonic Generators
    The Sonic Generator Orbs, located approximately where the Guyverís mouth is, have several abilities. They, like most other functions of the Guyver, can be used as a weapon (detailed later). When used on an object that is Very Fragile, Fragile/Intricate, or made of Glass, the object must make a saving throw. Failure destroys the object, or makes it inoperable.

    Gravity Generator Orb
    The Gravity Generator Orb is located about where a belt buckle might be on a regular human. This orb allows the Guyver some control over gravity, though not exactly the best. With the ability to control gravity, the Guyver can fly relatively well, though most might consider the ability an advanced form of levitation. The orb grants the Guyver a +10 bonus on Athletics checks (Jump and Climb only). You also take no damage from a fall, do not fall prone at the end of the fall, and gain a +3 bonus to catch yourself from falling over an edge. Because the Guyver bonds more drastically with a human, they have a more natural control over the orb, up to the point of being able to use it as a weapon. No other known creature can access this ability, part of which makes dealing with a human Guyver all the more dangerous.

    (SD5) Self Defense Mode
    The Guyver goes into Self Defense Mode in one of three ways: 1) After activation of the unit; 2) The Guyver/hostís HP drops to 0 or less; or 3) The Guyver is overwhelmed by mind-controlling effects.
    In Self Defense Mode, the Guyver is essentially a hostile NPC that attacks any beings that appear to threaten it. There is no way for it to tell the difference between friend or foe, so the best advice is to just run while you can. The Guyver will use any weapon to get the job done, whether the host has learned how to use it or not. The Guyver remains in Self Defense Mode until the host has been healed to 75% HP or higher.
    While in Self Defense Mode, the Guyver has the following stat changes:
    ∑HP = Hostís Max HP + CON Score
    ∑+3 to STR, CON, and DEX
    ∑Base Speed x3
    ∑Hostís Initiative +6
    ∑2 Attacks per turn, with a +3 Bonus to each
    ∑Defense (All) = Hostís Defense Scores +10 (AC, FOR, REF, and WILL)

    (W6) Weapons
    The weapons built into a Guyver are not immediately available for use; they must be learned or unlocked. This can be done by either instruction from another Guyver who has already learned that ability, by making a Wisdom check at the end of each Extended Rest (GMís discretion), or when the character levels up.
    ∑Sonic Blades Ė Damage: 2d8 + Strength Modifier.
    --- Properties: High Crit.
    --- The Sonic Blades count as Silver weapons.
    --- When using the Sonic Blades, the user is treated as being proficient with them, granting a +3 Proficiency Bonus to attacks.

    ∑Infrared Forehead Laser
    At-Will * Bio, Fire
    With a thought, you fire a thin beam of red light at your opponent.
    Minor Action * Ranged 10
    Target: 1 creature
    Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
    Hit: 1d6 + Intelligence modifier Fire Damage.
    -----Increase to 3d4 + Intelligence modifier at 10th level.

    ∑Sonic Emitter
    Encounter * Bio, Thunder
    Taking a deep breath, you release an ear-piercing scream.
    Standard Action * Close Blast 3
    Target: Each creature in Blast
    Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude
    Hit: 2d4 + Intelligence modifier Thunder damage. Target(s) are deafened (save ends).
    -----Increase to 4d4 + Intelligence modifier at 10th level.

    ∑Pressure Cannon
    Encounter * Bio, Force
    Condensing the forces around you into a small sphere, you create a blast of energy devastating to those you hit.
    Standard Action * Ranged 4
    Target: 1 creature
    Attack: Intelligence vs. Reflex
    Hit: 2d8 + Intelligence modifier Force damage. Push the target a number of squares equal to 2 times your Wisdom modifier.
    -----Increase to 2d10 + Intelligence modifier at 10th level.
    Special: Only Humans have access to this ability.

    Daily * Bio
    By opening your chest plates, you reveal a weapon of incredible destructive capability.
    Standard Action * Ranged 30
    Target: All creatures within Range
    Attack: Constitution vs. Reflex
    Hit: 5d10 + Constitution Modifier Fire, Lightning, and Force Damage, and ongoing 10 damage (save ends). If target(s) save, ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
    Miss: 3d10 + Constitution Modifier Fire, Lighting, and Force damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

    You can download a much nicer looking .pdf here:
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    Default Re: Guyver for D&D 4E


    I'd like to keep this going, so I'm looking for input.
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    Default Re: Guyver for D&D 4E

    have you seen the live action movies, or do you only know of the anime and manga?

    So all the functions of the bio suit exist regardless of the hosts level, aside from weapons that the character must unlock in some way? How should the host's normal powers function while the bio suit is activated?

    After the Guyver is removed the host must take a short rest, due to the Guyver feeding off of the hostís energy.
    ∑Due to the sustaining nature of the Guyver armor, a host can live 50-75% longer than other beings of the same race
    this seems inconsistent.
    aside, from that, there should be some limit on the number of times the armor can be activated per day, if you're going to make it basically an encounter item. Also, perhaps there should even be a time limit to how long the armor lasts, either in minutes or in rounds.

    I like the idea, and I may use some of your mechanics when I make dragoon armor for 4e.
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    Default Re: Guyver for D&D 4E

    it is overpowered in the manner that this is practically a bad ass armor which uses no armor slot (but disables non-clothing armors) it grants an awful long list of bonuses and ... ohmaigad too much powers.

    suggestion: item guyver unit... bonding with a guyver unit enables a class which is the "guyver". with a per level advancement PC races could obtain abilities through the 30 levels.
    but that would need more powers. some of the powers could be replaced by simply multiplying other powers (mega smasher 2, meaning another daily use of mega smasher). you could add some vibro-blade powers... (stealing from fighter/ranger/rogue).
    flying could be overland flight to flight(clumsy) and then to flight advancement...
    also guyver powers gain energy from the users life so... i suggest that each guyver power should use constitution (or get a per level modifier).
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    Default Re: Guyver for D&D 4E

    Before I begin: This was first created for a no-magic D20 Modern campaign.

    @Pirate_King: I first seen the live action movies (back when Sci-Fi channel was doing Summer Movie Weeks), then watched the allanime (yes, that includes the original "Guyver: Out of Control" OVA). I haven't been able to read any of the manga yet, but I hope to change that soon.

    What you pointed out is rather contradictory, so that will see some changes. I put the required short rest between uses in there because Sho/Sean doesn't (or can't) constantly summon/remove the armor and wanted to show that it puts some sort of strain on the host's body.

    There were originally level-dependent benefits but as I worked on it for 4E, they didn't seem to work out. I want the user to be able to use it as needed, but not spam it ("Okay, I activate my Guyver so I can fly out of the pit then de-activate it and take a short rest.") so some sort of limit would make sense.

    @Rigon: It is overpowered, which is what I wanted. The idea is that when it is first found/used, it is nigh-unstoppable, but as things go on, ways to stop/defeat it are found/developed. Also, it doesn't disable non-cloth armor, but destroys it. I did that so players wouldn't want to spend money on awesome armor and try to have it stack with the Guyver.

    I don't particularly like the idea of turning it into a class because the main idea is to have it be an acquired template, like vampirism or lycanthropy. If I have to, I will, but instead of access to new powers at each level, it will have to be a mix of access to new weapons/abilities and a progression of already accessed weapons/abilities.

    The Guyver doesn't exactly gain power from a user's life (although in the 2005 anime, Lisker says the Infrared Forehead Laser is powered from the host's excess body heat), but rather augments its host, like Venom from Spiderman. Venom doesn't gain any major benefits from taking a host (it may have been said that it feeds off of certain chemicals in the host's brain), but makes them stronger/faster/more aggressive.

    As a class, though, the main stats would be (in order) Constitution, Strength, and Dexterity.

    I may tweak this version to make it exclusively a template (like in the Live Action movies), then release a class version (for the anime/manga), so DMs and users have a choice.
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