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    Default The REAL Hand of Vecna

    I always thought the 3.5 Hand of Vecna was pretty damn boring, so I rewrote it to be far more powerful... and dangerous.
    Quote Originally Posted by a Word document
    The Hand of Vecna

    The Hand has fifteen powers, each linked to a primary finger. Five powers are one finger only, five are two fingers, and the final five are the whole hand. All powers save for the single finger powers have limitations on their usage though: life energy. The negative levels and the ability drain cannot be healed by anything except for time.

    Each single finger can be used one/day.
    Each pair of fingers can be used one/week.
    Each whole-hand power can be used one/month.

    Thumb: Associated with divination. Casts arcane sight.
    Index: Associated with conjuration. Casts summon monster III.
    Middle: Associated with evocation. Casts fireball.
    Ring: Associated with transmutation. Casts haste.
    Pinky: Associated with necromancy. Casts vampiric touch.

    All two-finger powers deal the user 1d4 negative levels for one day.
    T+I: true seeing
    I+M: acid storm
    M+R: prismatic spray
    R+P: disintegrate
    P+T: finger of death

    All whole-hand powers drain 1d4 points from ALL of the wielders stats for one week.
    Thumb: hindsight
    Index: gate
    Middle: meteor swarm
    Ring: time stop
    Pinky: wail of the banshee

    There is a final power to the Hand. By channelling the wielder's life force, the Hand may consume them to power a wish spell. The wish is assured to take effect, assuming it can be done. There is no return from this oblivion though.

    The use of any two-finger abilities causes the user to shift one step closer to evil (no save). The use of a whole-hand ability causes the user to become Neutral Evil (no save).

    Caster Level: 20th. Overwhelming Varied. Price: - (major artifact).
    Thoughts? Concerns? Caring?


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    Default Re: The REAL Hand of Vecna

    I like it. Sure it's nigh unusable by any PC, but that's probably a good thing. And with that final ability, Gods help the PC who manages to kill of the BBEG holding it but gives him time for a death-cut-scene speech. BBEGs like that in my campaign would probably all wish for the same thing: "I wish your parents never met, became paladins instead, fell from grace, became Blackguards and inexplicably tracked down and killed every person you have ever loved with a soul-eating abomination of a weapon that even angels fear. (Kiss my a--, hero!)" (dies)

    One thing: for the two-finger spells, I'd try for spells that lie on the dividing line between the respective schools. No idea what those might be, but sally forth anyway!
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