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    Default Any Adventure Game news?

    I haven't checked this forum for a while, was wondering if there was any word about how soon we might see an expansion or new adventure game. I'm such a big fan of the game, I can't wait to have more material to play with!

    If you can share any info, thanks!

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    Default Re: Any Adventure Game news?

    The 'whats new' seems to be that 'The Shortening' is being tested. Once that is done, I suspect it will be printed. I don't think Linear Guild is at that stage, though. From what I've seen from Shortening, it should make for a game that runs much faster. ^_^

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    Default Re: Any Adventure Game news?

    Boy, I hope so! I find the original to be, not exactly unplayable, but very difficult to start due to the length!


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