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    Default PLEASE READ! Posting Issues

    *Note to mods. You might want to sticky it, or you might not, or even make a more official thread based on it. ;D*

    Guys, if it says "Error loading page" after you post, don't hit "Back" and hit "Post" again, sometimes the post still goes through. Instead, before you hit the "Post" button, highlight the entire message(Ctrl+A), then Copy(Ctrl+C), or even Cut/Paste(Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V), then click "Post".

    It will cut back on the number of double posts and other such anomalies.
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    Default Re: PLEASE READ! Posting Issues

    I beleive that is what the remove button is for?
    let me test it with this smartalic answer of mine...

    yep... it worked . I posted this twice and removed the other one :)
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    Default Re: PLEASE READ! Posting Issues

    Voice of a mod:

    This post belongs in Board Issues. If one of my comic enabled peers could chuck it my way, I'd appreciate it.

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    Default Re: PLEASE READ! Posting Issues

    Considering that this board has in the past chewed up many of my messages by randomly going back a page or not submiting my information (page can not be displayed) then completely loosing it when I clicked back, I always compose anything long in Notepad and copy/paste before submitting.

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    Default Re: PLEASE READ! Posting Issues

    Many times I have clicked the "post" button only once but when I come back later to read the next persons response I see that somehow it posted my response twice.

    Everytime this happens it is when I have a very slow connection.
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