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    Default Tiamut split, 5 artifacts. (3.5 Legend magic weapons)

    EDIT: I've updated Thunderbow.

    This is part from an old game of mine. it was a game based on Gods and such... this was the background and I'll get to the stuff.
    The god(goddess?) Tiamut decided to affect the mortal world strongly by splitting into 5 separate entities, each appearing humanoid (humans generally). All based on 5 dragon aspects and each carried its own unique weapon.

    NOTE: I'm Not gonna finish tonight. so I'll edit it tomorrow (later) or so.

    Additional note: All weapons were specialized for each character and may/may not be manipulated for each person.


    The Red whip of pain (this was given to the Barbarian.)

    This weapon seems as an ordinary stick about a foot long with a curling dragon... at the tip of this stick, the dragon mouth opens. When Activated... A flaming whip erupts from the mouth. It is considered a reach weapon (10 ft reach) that can also fight in melee to adjacent figure. Does normal Whip stats...but also gains following abilities..

    Upon reaching level 6, a character may release the artifact whips power. it becomes a +1 flaming whip.
    Upon reaching level 8. A character may change his +1 flaming Whip into a +2 doubleflaming whip. It deals 1d4 +2d6 bonus damage.
    Upon reaching level 10. The whip becomes a Flamebursting weapon.
    upon reaching level 10 A character may amplify the whip of pain. when doing so, He may add up to Xdice = to his Max hit die. All damage applied is done in users hit die...and can only be done in 1 hit die. When doing this, the user takes damage = to the bonus damage. For example. a barbarian level 11... may add up to 11d12 to the damage, but in result he takes whatever he rolls excluding the original 1d4+strength in backlash damage.. In addition, flaming bonus is Not applied to damage. It is only 1d4+hit die+Strength. This is because the user is using life force energy creating this double edged sword effect. If the user multiclasses and has 2 different hit dice... say a d4 and a d6. The user may choose either...but only use up to how many d6 he leveled in... or how many d4 he leveled in.

    The Blue Thunderbow (wielded By our Ranger/Fighter)
    Upon Reaching 6th level, The character may release the power of this artifact weapon. It becomes a +1 Shocking longbow.
    Upon reaching level 8. A character may change his +1 Shocking Longbow into a +2 doubleshocking longbow. It deals 1d8 +2d6 bonus damage... When using feats like many shot or such, Shocking damage will be rolled once, Main target takes full damage. others take half. (this is due to the electric build up has been mostly discharged from the bow by the second and third attack.)
    Additionally. DM may house rule item to only rolling 2d6 for first target, than only 1d6 for other targets. (still considered rolling 1/2 damage.)

    Upon reaching level 10. The whip becomes a Thundering weapon.
    upon reaching level 10 1/day the wielder may cast chain lightning...as the spell. He's considered a 10th level caster when casting this.

    *more updates later*

    The White Frosthammer. (Wielded by our Rogue)
    Again will update later.
    The Green Venom-fang. (wielded by our Bard)
    again.. you get the gist.
    The Black Banshee-blade. (wielded by our Warlock)
    Will get to it later.
    comment on the Flame whip/thunderbow if you like. But please hesitate on the others until I've updated them. Please and thank you

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