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She won't get the option anyway, since she shows no inhibition against using lethal force to defend herself when attacked, such as with the bandit king and his daughter. Any attackers aren't taken prisoner since they die in the fight.
They often will, but always? As we see with the confrontation with the party, not all of Miko's fights ended with the other side dead.

Recall here that Miko is said to have detected evil on thousands of creatures and to have killed an "alarming" percentage of them. That means the rare event will happen several times. So she never reduced an opponent to, say -5, and then detected evil to decide whether to heal or finish it? The math says that it's almost certain she did.

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In the case of the Order of the Stick, the reason she takes them prisoner instead of killing them is because Shojo ordered her to bring them back alive. Whether they were evil or not has nothing to do with it. If she were only capturing nonevil members of the Order of the Stick, she would have killed Roy, who detected as evil before the fight due to having the crown.
Well, that was what she was doing until she got evidence that Roy might not be evil. Then she backed off enough for Durkon to defuse the situation.
What we see here too is a willingness to take prisoners, and a willingness to kill evil prisoners.

We can add in here Roy and his coup de grace goblins. They are his prisoners, but he gets no censor for killing them. Rightly so since there was really no way to prevent them from getting loose and attacking again.
But we have the same attitude of the result is the measure here. That they were prisoners gives them no more protection than anybody else. That is considerable protection, and being a prisoner removes most of the normal justifications for attack. But where there is still justification for attack, prisoner status makes no difference.