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    Default New Member Thread

    I was just wondering if it would be better to un sticky and lock the New Members say Hello Here thread. It is 80 some odd pages and I think it would be better if we started a new one, because it has to take up alot of space with 80 pages... that way it wouldnt load all that extra, needless stuff everytime I want to chekc out the Friendly Banter Board.

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    Default Re: New Member Thread

    Not a bad idea.

    If forum games have to start anew at 50 pages, why not the 'Say Hello' thread?

    It wouldn't take that much work on the part of the mods, I don't think...

    I dunno. Sounds good to me. Why not?

    Then again, why bother?

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    Default Re: New Member Thread

    'Tis done!

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