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    Default Why Dennis Leary?

    Whenever I slip and type in a particular descriptive curse word, it gets published as "Dennis Leary". I think that's clever, but I'm curious: Why Dennis Leary? What did he do to deserve being the bu--, ahem, posterior of this board?
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    Default Re: Why Dennis Leary?

    huh - I never noticed that before. And it looks like the "post preview" feature doesn't apply the filters - because I just tried a few. ;)
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    Default Re: Why Dennis Leary?

    someone at YaBB has issues.

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    Default Re: Why Dennis Leary?

    Dennis Leary recorded a song called, well, let's just say it's the same as the surname of the majority of the crew on Dark Helmet's ship in Spaceballs (begins with A, ends in hole). Hence whenever you type that expletive you get Dennis Leary.


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