Ok this is the campaign i am creating this is the base line for the story still implimenting rest and brewing more every day to make a full on campaign that should run characters from lvl1-lvl30 by completion. its very deadly if characters are not smart. but i would like some feed back on the base background. any kind of constructive feed back is welcomed with open arms as i want to make this a really good campaing

some tid bits before reading.

*Humans are so very rare that PC's are limited to maybe one in group.
*Orcs are non-playable characters. Othe monster manual playable races are very limited but used at DM discretion
*DragonBorn, Tieflings, Eladrin, Halflings are very very common.
*Start of story is based on a floating island thats the size if Australia.
*The World is named Stilvasaf
*1 main city and many smaller towns are on the island.
*The world below the floating island is known as the Still land, and no one on the island has gone to the still land and returned to tell about it. also the still land used to be populated by late late late anscestors of those that live on the Island.
*It is called the Still land because over 15000 years prior a great war raged between Demons and The Divine. All mortals were killed or escaped onto an island that very ancient powerful wizards and the divne raised from the planet to allow a safe haven to escape the war as the mortals were being slaughtered and the Divine power unable to help save them.
*DM inserts any random quests until players atain lvl 4 which they then get the main Story line quest

Any way thats the tidbits now to the main campaign:

Lost City Atlantis

In writings, there is a story of a civilization of great power, wealth, and beauty. But was lost long ago, the stories tell that this city was a thriving city of great wealth and military strength and beauty. The land that the city was founded on is said to be the birth place of the gods, thus giving it the beauty and most prosperous soils in the world. After the birth of the gods this land was considered sacred. A selected group of peoples that worshiped the gods were allowed to live there. They raised great temples and a city that would make modern cities seem like small villages. The farms stretched the length of ¼ of the land. And the forest ½ the rest of the land and city covered the other 1/4. The land had mines all over in the mountain ranges in the forest that offered a seemingly endless supply of rare metals, ores, and gems. As well the lands almost too fertile soil offered the ability to grow any crops that were desired and raise and kind of farm animal from sheep to larger more strange and long forgotten creatures. They grew spices that were sought after by every nation, and had a seemingly endless supply of wood.
Aside from its great wealth it is said they were able to amass a large, powerful and efficient army. Its military strength surprised even the gods of war. Their archers had the precision and agility that would put most master elven archers to shame. Their fighters had the strength and bravery that would make any Dragonborn warrior cower with a glance. Their wizards could cast spells with such a swiftness that master wizards of today still dream to achieve such an arcane level. And there are the behind the scene warriors, not unlike the rogues of today. But these “rogues” were nearly invisible to the eye and ear. And rogues of today would be pick-pocketed before they realized someone was even near. As for the lesser of the armies even commoners could put the standard warriors of today to shame. There army was not to be trifled with and yet it is said they never waged war nor did they show aggression to any other culture or nation. They simply defended their land from any and all invaders.
Then there is the beauty of the land, that’s equally dangerous. There are plants that are so beautiful that even the most willed are drawn to them and then devoured. The forests are beautiful bright greens and dense as though the trees will never die. But are said to become quite dark and have creatures lurking that will make the boldest and bravest of men cry like young peasant girls. The weather is said to just as mysterious as the city and land. It is said that city holds the power of the gods. That the people of this once great city had discovered the power to control the gods and become the God of gods, but before it could be done the gods all of them evil, good, and unaligned joined as one for a short time and used an immense amount of arcane and divine, and necrotic powers to keep the people from using that power. In doing so they made the city vanish only to show its self every 5000 years and for only a year, and broke the device into multiple parts because they were unable to destroy it. This could have been because the strength of the city’s magic. Also the legends tell that people are still alive and thrive in the city. And those that dare enter will not be allowed to leave.
The stories go on to tell that the device cannot be used by the gods, and only mortals can use it. As higher legend tells that only one man ever escaped the cities grasp, his name was Lere De Lorn a young human, it is told that he found a wife and they went to live alone far from any civilization. That he told the story to his children and them to theirs and so on eventually becoming just that, a story. He ended up living his life to the fullest and died, more of the story talks about him having a very rare and unique trinket. The trinket is said to be the final key that will allow any mortal to use the power of the gods to become a god. But the location where he put it if even he did have it is not in any scriptures or legends. It is believed by some that it lays in his grave, unfortunately no one knows what that items looks like or even is, makes it very hard for any adventurer to find it. It could be anything but no one knows except maybe one of his kin. His grave is said to be on the still ground. The land we left many, years after that civilization died, when the war of the Demons and the Divine caused mortals to flee to where ever they could. No mortal knows who won the war, because all that go to the still lands ner return. His grave is to have a strange blue light that shines upon it. And can only be seen by one of his kin. More of the legend says that the kin will know how and where to find the grave and will be able to identify the item that is the key to the gods.
The location of the City can only be shown on the 5000th year, and on the first full moon of that year, and only with the key. It will disappear again on the last full moon of that year taking everything in its kingdom with it. Thus all that enter and do not leave will be lost with it.
Not much is known of their race, the stories do not tell of them. All they say is that the people of this city were quite peaceful but were also bent on achieving the equality of the gods. They kept to themselves and any traveler that entered their city was not allowed to leave and became assimilated to their way of life. Many a scholar say that these people are a very magical race and did not rely on the heavy brute of warriors though they did use them, rather they used persuasion and magical influence upon any of their foes, had they had any. Their strong greed for arcanic and divine power had almost made them ethereal. This caused great fear among the rest of the world as well as the gods.
As for the city itself it is said there are many treasures that lay in wait for some willing and seeking adventurer that can gather it:
There is the story that a Hero long ago traveled to this city to try to gain their allegiance to the Human race, but he became assimilated into their city. A rare and powerful item disappeared along with him. The Dragonslayer, a Great sword forged by Tiamat, to kill good dragons, and was successful. But then the humans got a hold of the weapon and began to annihilate all dragons. This weapon was also lost in the great city.
Another wondrous item lost in the city was The Eye of the Gods. This item was a circlet that allowed any mortal to see the gods in the heavens. A great Wizard entered the city in hopes of seeing their god and was lost as well. It is said that the Gods Eye was a part of the device that would grant the uses the power to be the God of Gods. It was crafted by the first of the gods to give those who were worthy and willing to see him, and be granted a favor.
Another wondrous item is the Word of the Gods. This item was a necklace that fit snuggly around a wearer’s neck. It aloud that wearer to speak any language, though it did not allow them to understand what was said to them, but they knew what they were saying themselves. The proverb goes on to tell that this item was another piece to the device. A young bard came across this wondrous item and went to the city in hopes of great adventure; sadly he and the item were lost with the city.
Another item lost in the city was the Titans Skin. It was a piece of armor that fit to the needs of the wearer. A young trader not knowing the value of this item traded it to a warrior who then traveled to the city in hopes of seeking adventure. 5000 years ago he entered the city seeking the parts to the device not knowing he himself had one. But he did not escape with any of these items before the city vanished again. The armor is said to provide the wearer additional protection from all elements (+15 dmg resist all).
Another part called the Hand of the Gods. Was lost as well but not to the city, it is said that 10000 years ago a demon had taken it. And now he dwells somewhere on the Still land. This demon was called Blairmount. It is said though he is not evil nor is he good. He has forsaken his Demonic heritage, and did not align with the divine. Getting that item will not be an easy task, he is said to be a trader demon. If you can find something a demon would want to barter for. The Hand of the Gods is a long sword forged in the beginning bye the first god. It is also said that the sword has no power and is well just plain, except for the metal it is made from. But it’s also a part of the device to become a god of gods.