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    Default Starting Shticks

    Out of curiosity, why was the rule of "4 Starting Sthicks, pick 3" made? Variety so as to not start with the same shticks every game?
    So far i have almost always overruled this for games with mostly new people since it creates more confusion and takes some extra time when it can be easily avoided.
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    Default Re: Starting Shticks

    I belive that it is a Variety thing.
    But as we all know, you can bend the rules (change actually ) and just take all 4 of them for each character

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    Default Re: Starting Shticks

    Maybe it was for a small amount of variety. My house rule though is to start with six schticks; all four starting ones, plus two others. A variation we're thinking for next time is those two others are chosen for you as well - one that's a Boost to your main fighting Schtick, and one that encourages co-operation.

    Complete list of who gets what is thus:
    Belkar: 4 starting Schticks, plus Twin Daggers of Doom* and hmmmm there aren't any cards that encourage Belkar to help the other players.
    Durkon: 4 starting Schticks, plus Thor's Hammer and Cure Assorted Wounds.
    Elan: 4 starting Schticks, plus Xtreme Diplomacy and Bard Song.
    Haley: 4 starting Schticks, plus Longbow and Secret Crush (no other options, really).
    Roy: 4 starting Schticks, plus Greenhilt Sword and Creative Motivation.
    V: 4 starting Schticks, plus Magic Missile and Buff Spell.

    *The modified variant of TDoD where the boost is +2 Defense, not +1 Wounds against players.
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