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    Default Re-flavoring the Wizard to a Sorcerer

    Would this be balanced in your opinion. Would you allow it in your game?

    You lose Ritual Casting
    You lose Implement Mastery
    You lose Spell Book
    You lose Implement Enhancement Bonuses

    You gain Elemental Aura
    Levels 1-5 Aura 1
    Levels 6-10 Aura 2
    Levels 11-15 Aura 3
    Levels 16-20 Aura 4
    Levels 21-25 Aura 5
    Levels 26-30 Aura 6

    This Aura Gives:
    Attack Bonus as Enhancement
    Damage Bonus as Enhancement
    Damages Attacker
    Energy Resist of Aura+1/2 level

    Now the Aura is brought up by casting an elemental spell. That determains your elemental aura's element. It may be changed by casting a spell of a different element. Otherwise it lasts for a number of rounds equal to 1/2 your level.

    So you don't start combat with any of these bonuses and if you don't cast a spell they may drop. You also don't benefit from the enhancement bonus of implements, though you can still use the powers of the item if you so choice.

    You are trading Ritual Casting, Spellbook (and the appropriate feats), and Implement Mastery bonuses for energy resist and a damage shield, and depending on your DM, sometimes slightly early +1 bonus to damage and attack
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