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    Default [4e] Croco-Hydra / Chronophage (monsters)

    Haven't been around in a while! This is my first foray into 4e homebrew, so I'm looking for some feedback/math errors/whatever on these two monsters. The first is pretty simple, but the second is somewhat more complicated.

    A croco-hydra is a reptilian beast with many heads on the ends of long necks, with heads resembling those of a huge crocodile. It lurks in swamps, preying upon virtually anything that crosses its path.
    When stalking its prey, the croco-hydra prefers to keep its body fully submerged aside from the heads, creating the illusion of being a group of crocodiles.

    Level 15 Solo Brute (XP 6,000)
    Initiative +10
    Senses Perception +14; all-around vision
    HP 790; Bloodied 395
    AC 29; Fortitude 30; Reflex 28; Will 26
    Saving Throws +5
    Speed 6, swim 12

    Bite (standard, at-will)
    Reach 3; +18 vs. AC; 1d8+5 damage.
    Ensnaring Bite (standard, at-will)
    Reach 3; +18 vs. AC; 1d8+5 damage, target is grabbed and takes 5 ongoing damage. The Croco-Hydra can grab up to 5 targets this way.
    Hydra Fury (standard, at-will)
    The Croco-Hydra makes five bite attacks one of which can be an ensnaring bite attack. For each target currently grabbed, reduce the number of attacks by one.
    Each time the Croco-Hydra becomes dazed or stunned, it loses one attack on its next turn instead. Multiple such effects stack.
    Threatening Reach
    The Croco-Hydra can make opportunity attacks against all enemies within its reach (3 squares).

    Unaligned Languages –
    Skills Stealth +15
    Str 21 (+12)
    Con 22 (+13)
    Dex 17 (+10)
    Int 2 (+2)
    Wis 15 (+9)
    Cha 8 (+5)

    A chronophage is a hideous, vaguely humanoid creature, combining misshapen living flesh and arcane clockwork construction. Two tentacles made of interlocking gears reach out from its back, lashing out at everything around it. In battle, it defies the flow of time relentlessly, striking into both the past and the future.
    Level 22 Solo Soldier (XP 20,750)
    Initiative +18
    Senses Perception +15
    HP 1,040; Bloodied 520
    AC 36; Fortitude 36; Reflex 37; Will 32
    Saving Throws +5
    Speed 6

    Gear Rake (standard, at-will)
    Reach 2, +29 vs. AC, 3d6+8 damage.
    Double Attack (standard, at-will)
    The Chronophage makes two Gear Rake attacks.
    Triple Attack (standard, usable only when bloodied; at-will)
    The Chronophage makes three Gear Rake attacks.
    Time Throw (standard, at-will)
    +27 vs. Reflex, target is removed from the battlefield until the end of the Chronophage’s next turn. When it returns, it takes 4d6+8 damage and is pushed 3 squares.
    Time Cannon (minor, recharge 6)
    Area burst 3 within 20; +27 vs. Reflex; 4d6+8 thunder and fire damage. The turn after using this power, the Chronophage is denied its standard action. The turn following that, the attack hits again as a free action. This power cannot recharge until after the second hit.
    Time Jump (immediate reaction, when an enemy uses a power targetting the Chronophage, recharge 6)
    The attack is negated.
    Threatening Reach
    The Chronophage can make opportunity attacks against all enemies within its reach (2 squares).

    Unaligned Languages Primordial
    Skills Athletics +24, Stealth +23
    Str 26 (+19)
    Con 24 (+18)
    Dex 24 (+18)
    Int 28 (+20)
    Wis 18 (+15)
    Cha 15 (+13)

    One of the biggest concerns for me on the second one is the wording on Time Cannon. I have an idea for how it's supposed to work, but it's hard to describe it in rules-ese:
    -The Chronophage fires two cannons, one into the future and one into the past.
    -The turn before this attack is the turn when the power is actually used, and the burst hitting that turn is the cannon that was fired into the past.
    -The second turn is the turn when the cannons actually fired, hence the denial of standard action.
    -On the third turn, another burst attack identical to the first hits somewhere else; this is the hit from the cannon that fired into the future.

    Does that make sense? Since the cannons are fired on turn 2, neither of the two turns when the burst attacks actually hit don't require standard actions.

    Looking forward to feedback on both! Especially the second!
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