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Thread: Campaign Help

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    Default Campaign Help

    I am doing this world war theme where the PC's will join the army and hopefully by the end of it end the war. But what should I keep in mind? Should they run into more camps then towns? What about military laws? Any thing dealing with a time of war would be nice.
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    Not a lot of information to go off of here. "World War" evokes a certain era of war technology that isn't present in medieval times (it's difficult to really have the entire world at war with each other without modern transportation, unless the world in question is very small). Then again, I may be wrong in my assumption that this is a fantasy-type game, so please try to give more specifics about what sort of game you're running, and who's fighting who.

    In general though,

    -The PCs may run across razed or deserted towns or cities in their travels, where the only inhabitants are looters and other desperate and criminal elements.

    -Not all hostiles are necessarily fighting in the war. Bands of ex-military men who have deserted their army may become well-equipped and trained countryside bandits.

    -Resources are probably hard to come by. Food, equipment, money, and the like will likely go to supporting the armies, leaving civilians without much for themselves. The PCs shouldn't expect to make a profit by helping locals, and might have difficulty getting everything they'd like to buy.
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