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    Default "Cry Some More!" [3.5 Weapons]

    Just for fun, a series of exotic weapons taken, quite unashamedly, from Team Fortress 2:

    Minigun (Two-Handed, Range increment 50ft, 4d6 Piercing Damage)
    The minigun fires a merciless barage of bullets that riddles its victims. It is so large and cumbersome, that the wielder cannot fly, and his other movement speeds are reduced by ten feet. A special stance must be assumed to fire it. Assuming this stance is a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity. While in this stance, the wielder's movement speeds are reduced by another ten feet (to a minimum of 5 feet). Each shot represents dozens of bullets flying into its target. The minigun stores 20 such "shots" before requiring reloading, which takes two rounds.

    Scattergun (One Handed, Range increment 10ft, See description)
    A sawnoff shotgun, this weapon is devastating at point blank range, but its stopping power rather rapidly falls away. It can fire at your full rate of iterative attacks. The wielder does not provoke an attack of opportunity when firing while threatened. When shooting someone at point blank range, it deals 6d6 piercing damage. When between five and ten feet away, this drops to 5d6. For every range increment, the damage dealt is reduced by another 1d6, to a minimum of 1d6 damage at 50 feet. The scatter gun holds six cartriges before it needs reloading, a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

    Flame Thrower (Two Handed, See description)
    This is a special weapon that can be fired as either a standard action or a special full-round action. When fired as a standard action, a 20 foot line of fire shoots out in the direction faced, dealing 6d6 fire damage (Reflex save half, DC 10 + Half the Wielder's BAB + Dexterity Modifier, Evasion applies). When fired as a full-round action, it is instead a 30 foot cone that deals 8d6 damage. When the reflex save is failed, even if the victim has improved evasion, 1d6 fire damage is dealt for 1d6 rounds after the exposure. The Flame Thrower carries eight pieces of "ammunition". The standard firing costs one and the full-round firing costs two.

    Flare Gun (One Handed, Range Increment 30ft, See Description)
    This can only be fired as a standard action. A flare capsule attempts to hit a target (normal ranged attack). If it hits, it immediately deals 3d6 fire damage (no save), then an additional 1d6 fire damage for 1d6 rounds. The gun can only hold one capsule at a time, and reloading it is a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

    Sniper Rifle (Two Handed, Range Increment 40ft, 2d6 piercing, see special)
    This can be used as a normal rifle with the above described range increment and damage. Firing and reloading the rifle is a standard action that provokes an attack of opportunity. However, if the wielder is looking through the scope, the range increment improves to 240ft. Moreover, for every round the sniper spends looking in the scope, the damage dealt by the rifle increases by 1d6, to a maximum of 6d6. The sniper can also choose to aim at a specific weak point of his target, such as its head or vital organs, with a -5 penalty on his attack roll. If he strikes this point, it is automatically considered a confirmed critical. This has no effect on targets immune to critical hits. The down side of this extreme range is a tendency to not pay attention to his immediate surroundings. While looking in the scope, the sniper cannot make spot checks, and listen checks have a -5 penalty. He has a -2 penalty to armor class, and is considered flat footed, even if he has (Improved) Uncanny Dodge.

    Medigun (Two Handed, Range 30ft, Special)
    Aiming this at your ally and making a ranged touch attack, a restorative bond is formed. As long as you are within 30ft of your ally, he receives the benefit of a Cure Moderate Wounds spell (Caster Level 10th) at the beginning of your turn. This has no effect on those normally harmed by positive energy effects. You can take a standard action and a move action or two actions as you wish, but will not be able to attack. A gem on the trigger of the medigun glows more brightly as it is used more. Once 300 points of damage has been dealt. You can use a standard action to render yourself and your target as completely immune to all damage for two rounds. When this is finished, the gem is dark again, but can be recharged by further healing.

    Bloodsucker (One Handed, Range increment 40ft, 1d4 Piercing Damage)
    This weapon contains twenty tiny needles, and cannot confer critical damage. It can fire at your full rate of iterative attacks. When it hits a living target, you gain 1 temporary hit point. This hit point stacks with all other hit points acquired from previous firings of Bloodsucker, and lasts five minutes. Reloading Bloodsucker is a move action that provokes an attack of opportunity.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.
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    Default Re: "Cry Some More!" [3.5 Weapons]

    Nice, I've never played the game but these look good. Prices?
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    Default Re: "Cry Some More!" [3.5 Weapons]

    The minigun should have some kind of random chance for different amounts of damage, as a representation for bullets in a spray randomly hitting or missing.

    With the sniper rifle, I'd do something like giving them the ability to remain hidden even after taking a shot, since it's from so far away.

    For the Blutsauger(Bloodsucker), I would make those temporary hp actual healing, since in-game(TF2), you can't get more health than your max when you hit someone with your needles.

    Otherwise, I think it's all pretty good so long as no DM lets people have these around every corner. I'd also like to see what you can come up with for other weapons, like the axetinguisher, ubersaw, the demoman's weapons and the bazooka.
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