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New uses of Craft Skill: Craft (Body-Piercing)

Mean Looking Ring: DC 15
The artist may put a ring through a particularly delicate or interesting place causing a large amount of pain. This piercing grants a +2 competence bonus to Intimidate Checks made by the target. This craft check only takes 1 hour.
[Should this piercing be removed in a violent manner, the subject retains their bonus to Intimidate, unless they receive a DC 15 heal check to close the wound, or someone intentionally closes the wound when curing the subject by 5 points or more, the subject may make a will save against the entire curing effect if they choose.]
This costs 10 gold in supplies.

Just the Right Spot: DC 20
The artist may know exactly to place a piercing on an individual in order to bring out the right angles and create an appropriate aesthetic for the time and place. This piercing grants a +2 competence bonus to diplomacy when dealing with a selected faction. [I.e. High Elves, Drow, Dwarves of The Red Mountains, Worshipers of Hextor, ect.] This craft check only takes 1 hour.
[Should this piercing be removed in a violent manner, the subject loses their bonus to Diplomacy,and takes a -2 penalty to Diplomacy with this faction, unless the subject receives a DC 15 heal check to close the wound, or 5 points of magical curing.]
This costs 15 gold in supplies.

Improved Performance: DC 20
Through acupuncture he artist is capable of piercing just the right places improve the the appearance and performance of certain localized nerves or glands. This grants a +1 competence bonus to Fortitude Saves, Reflex Saves, or Performance checks. This craft check only takes 1 hour.
[Should this piercing be removed in a violent manner, the subject takes a -2 to that skill until they receive a DC 25 heal check or 10 points of magical curing.]
This costs 25 gold in supplies.

Extra Jewelry: DC 30
Have three rings, and don't know what to do? Have an amulet and a brooch, but just can't choose? Well never fear! A body artist has your answer. The artist may piercing a new magical jewelry slot on any subject. This is a dangerous and damaging task, even when done properly. The subject loses 1 point of constitution, there is no way to regain this point, other than by leveling up. This point is gone, regardless of the result. If the artist makes a DC 30 craft (piecing) check, then the magical Jewelry selected is set. This takes the same amount of time as it took for the Jewelry being inserted should take to craft.
[This ring is a little more sturdy than other rings, it requires quite a bit of work to remove violently (DM's Discretion), however if it is, it may be 'fixed' for half the price and half the time, by an Artist with another successful Extra Jewelry check, as long as the original jewelry is found. ]
The supplies for this cost gold equal to 150% of the Market Price the Jewelry in question , this does not include the Jewelry itself.

Extra Jewelry Clean: DC 50
A little more skill, and, oop, did you think it wouldn't hurt? That's silly.
With a DC 50 craft (Body-Piercing )skill check the new slot is interchangeable, one may swap out any ring for a new ring slot, or a new necklace for a new necklace slot. With this check one may also put Ioun stones inside the subject, as to give them more protection. This still costs 1 point of constitution for each new slot.
[These piercings are near impossible to remove, one is better off removing the body part pierced rather than the piercing.]
The Supplies for this cost; 1,000,000 for a Ring. 1,500,000 for a Necklace, and only 100,000 for an Ioun Stone.

Notes: Tearing out a Piercing deals the an amount of damage equal to twice the amount of magical curing it takes to over come it's penalties if removed violently.

All uses of the Piercing skill requires a special set of tools and a make-shift lab, however the cost of supplies listed in each covers the cost of such tools and of renting or finding the lab.