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    Default Saturdays are too far apart!

    Ugh! In my family it's me, my mother, and my father. There's no time to play the totally awesome game during the week, so it's strictly weekends only...and sometimes not even then!

    I must kick butt. Must...beat up my own parents at a game they own based off of a comic they found about a game they play.

    Comeon, I've gotta be better than them at something OOTS related. ::)

    Plus...I'm gonna love Fireball-ing Dad's arse every four turns. ;D

    But every Saturday would be okay as long as it was assured...what about you guys? How often are you planning on playing it?
    A rainstorm of needles, huh? I have an idea...let's make it rain blood instead.

    Please click my dragon eggs so they can grow big and strong and DEVOUR YOUR SOUL!

    ...I your best friends. ^^;

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    Default Re: Saturdays are too far apart!


    You're cute when you're flustered :P

    ((Your tagline dared me!))

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    Default Re: Saturdays are too far apart!

    Just how can you use fireball on other players if its an area affect? (page 18)

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