First, I revised the Easter Bunny significantly to fit the candy theme better. While I was tempted to give hiim a fertility egg once a year, my better judgment prevailed. Some things are better left undone.

Second, I've been thinking of the Nesquick Rabbit. I have no idea if he ever appeared in an older D&D module.

If he were statted up, he'd be Small in size, very fast [speed at least 60 ft.] and have the Run feat. The more I think about it, it makes less sense for Quik Rabbit to be a servant of Gloppy than it does for him to be an ally of the Easter Bunnies.

I suppose my concern for using gelatinious creatures as Gloppy's servants is unfounded. Oozes are generally mindless so this puts them slightly above that. I know there was a Strawberry Gelatinious Cube from an older module: Castle Greyhawk [WG7] (the pun dungeon) which also had things like Gummi-were bears.

Have any of you see The Son of a Portable Hole [free download] here:

It has the elemental plane of candy complete with candy elementals on page 40 and a marshmallow golem.