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    Default Re: ACRONYM Character Registry.

    Name: George Davis
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 32
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Occupation: Formula 1 racer
    Appearance: Coppery skin, shoulder length dark red hair, Ultramarine blue eyes, well maintained pearly white teeth, a scar from his left cheek halfway to his nose. He usually wears a blue and black track jacket and aviator sunglasses. His figure is fairly average, not too fat, a bit more muscle than average due to maintaining his body.

    Personality: Serious, and somewhat stoic. He worked hard to get where he is, making sure everything was right in his life. He's a bit of a control freak, though he's trying to fix this.

    Equipment and Abilities

    Eagle Eyes: His eyes are almost as close to perfect as the human eye can get. He can catch sight of an object in the distance and plan accordingly if it's a hazard

    Master reflexes: Training and experience on the racetrack, combined with a rough childhood has taught him when to duck and dodge. Combined with his vision, he can see objects in the distance and move to dodge or minimize damage in a vehicle, relatively slow projectiles, and normal punches and kicks.

    Pro Racer: More than a decade of experience and practice have yielded their reward. In a land vehicle he's a veritable master, able to judge how fast it can go reliably, how well it can turn, how much damage it can take, and what needs work, though he's no mechanic and can't fix it himself.

    Backstory: Growing up to immigrant parents in a rough area, he worked as hard as he could in school to get out of it. His comfort during this time was racinig. He'd read any racinig book or magazine he could get his hands on, memorize every sort of car he could learn about, and work every day towards his goal. Years later he'd finally achieve his dream, becoming one of the best of the most extreme formula one race tracks and having a strings of successes, when not first still doing well.

    One day a mad rival racer hired out an assassin to remove the competition. He saw the gun moments before drawn and dove into the crowd, headbutting and kneeing the would be gunman as he wrenched the gun away. This perception combined with his vehicular skill attracted the attention of a certain program...
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    Default Re: ACRONYM Character Registry.

    This registry is now closed. Please put new character entries in the

    Nexus Character Registry
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