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Thread: Personal range

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    Default Personal range

    Is there any way to change Personal range spells to Touch range or better?
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    Default Re: Personal range

    Depending on what you want to use it for, the 4th level cleric spell Imbue with Spell Ability might help you (PHB). It only works for low level (up to second level) spells, and the recipient still has to cast them herself. Nice if you want to give the fighter Divine Favor, or to allow the barbarian to Shield Other.
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    Default Re: Personal range

    There is a PrC in one of the FR books (the silvermoon one IIRC) that gain the ability to change some personal spells to touch range. But I forget it's name.
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    Default Re: Personal range

    i think a tenth level master specialist (abjuration) has the ability to cast personal spells on allies three times a day.

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