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    Default [Tavern] Sucros's Rest

    The low thatched hut is thick with hot moist air and the musk of its inhabitants. A roaring fire occupies the center of the small, packed tavern. Every so often, someone removes a rock from the hearth and tosses it. The strong and hearty patrons are clearly of warrior stock, and drunkenly boast of their exploits.

    Sucros’s Rest sits at the bottom of a deep valley, along a stream. It appears to be a simple though well built thatched hut that incorporated a natural rocky arch as its entrance. The inside is well lit by a roaring fire, and two long tables with benches traverse the length of the tavern.
    What makes Sucros’s Rest unique is that the space it occupies is a tiny bubble where the Material Plane overlaps with the Heroic Domain of Ysgard. When word spread, adventurers would come from far and wide to drink with the great warriors of ages past, and for the great warriors, Sucros’s Rest proved to be a fun bar with an audience that is eager to listen. Atop a table, every night, stands Sucros, lecturing indolent adventurers on going out and completing their quests.

    No one quite knows how the adventuring party the Faithful of Kord came to be, but legend tells that Father Sucros of Kord found the laziest warriors he could, and persisted in lecturing them in the folly of their ways, and saw it his duty to keep them upon the warrior’s path. And it is true that no more incompetent party existed. However, they did rack a number of exploits to their name, many of which involved Father Sucros lecturing people until they’d bow to his request in order to shut the dwarf up.
    When the dwarf died heroically, the rest of his party got a local priest of Kord (who had given up his evil ways and embraced the will of Kord after Sucros lectured him for twenty days straight) to raise him. However, Sucros refused to be raised. When speak with dead was cast, Sucros’s spirit proceeded to lecture the priest on the honor of a warrior’s death.
    However, it was not the will of Kord that the adventurers go back to their indolent ways. That night, all three members of the Faithful were visited by a dream of Father Sucros lecturing them on the importance of bars, and how there was a lack of bars where old adventuring parties could meet up. One commune spell later, the Faithful learned of the suitable location for such a bar, and Sucros’s Rest was born.

    Adventure Hook:
    -Word has gotten out that famed adventurer Einsjergen Oakarm visits Sucros’s Rest each solstice. Legends of his hoard still circulate now, ages after his death. It has been speculated that anyone who could befriend and inebriate Einsjergen (a costly task, for he can put away a great many ales) could get the location of this hoard off of the man. However, there is likely to be a great many vying for this hoard, and some may be willing to kill the competition.

    Tavern Owner: Father Sucros (dwarf Clr 12, Str 10 Con 20 dex 6 int 4 wis 20 cha 14) sense motive +5 Spot +5 Listen+5 Perform (oratory) +9) is an extremely short priest, even for a dwarf. He is friendly and personable, if not, as he’d put it, the brightest tool in the shed. He loves to tell tales of his exploits over a few beers. He is however extremely devout, and will broker no lollygagging by adventurers who are delaying on a quest.
    Signature item: Father Sucros once bought a set of prayer beads from a traveling merchant. These beads, according to the merchant who sold them, came from the land of uuuuuuuhhhhhixssssillllla. According to his own tales, these ‘magic’ beads granted Sucros great luck. When a traveling merchant claimed to have come from uuuuuuuhhhhhixssssillllla with more beads, Sucros immediately jumped upon the opportunity to purchase more, to bring further good luck to anyone who visits his tavern. The beads, which resemble simple white stones on a string, can be purchased for 3 gold apiece.

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    Default Re: [Tavern] Sucros's Rest

    This entry wouldn't be complete without a backstory. Sucros was a PC of mine, with the most lopsided roll ever: 18,16,16,10,6,4. When I assigned my stats, I commented "well, I can give a sermon for hours, even if it's not very inspired." Well, it turned out that I had the WORST roleplaying group ever. The game bogged down at the slightest hitch, and the DM really wanted to play an urban campaign. I tried to streamline the system through comedy. My character would stand on a surface, such as a table, a chair, or his yak mount (don't ask). As my character rarely understood what exactly was going on, there were comical interludes in his speeches where he'd come to the right conclusion for the wrong reason. The upshot of most of his speeches was "sitting about in town bogging down the game is time that could be spent battling, thus you are displeasing Kord"

    Now, I had the strangest luck with this character. I rolled a statistically impossible number of natural ones. When we were trying to investigate a shady merchant, he offered my character prayer beads from a far away land. He asked "where from?" The DM replied "uuuhhhh...."
    Natural one on my sense motive. So I boasted constantly of my beads from "uuuuuuuhhhhhixssssillllla", a steal at 3gp.
    Next roll I got was a twenty. I claimed it was the beads. That was the perform oratory against a captured priest. He converted to my religion.

    Sucros finally died fighting a giant (forget what kind). He had knocked two of my teammates into negatives, and one was pretty close. I was pretty much out of spells. I thought "what would my character do?" The answer was "Bull rush it off the cliff"

    I announced I was going to do it, and my team told me not to. I explained that I could draw the attention of the giant away from the remaining standing fighter, and I could hold it off for ages with my high HP and +4 ac vs. giants. Even with my strength domain ability (which I used, for roleplaying's sake) the bull rush was doomed to failure anyways and would draw the attention of the giant.

    You better bet I rolled a twenty and went off the cliff with the giant.

    My only comment was "Damn prayer beads"

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