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    Default Re: [Monster] The Infected

    Quite unique I have to say! It's similar to the "PUPPETEER" from the EPH. Still, I must give the kudos where they are needed. Still, a question comes of "where does the disease come from" or at least a history too add to it. Perhaps there is a "hive" of sorts? Who knows? I look forwards to more additions.
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    Default Re: [Monster] The Infected

    Hive was a Nexus type disease in a LARP system i do, the virus has a collective conciousness and is passed on depending on how strong the disease is in the origional host by contact.

    it sucessfully possessed 2000 out of the 3000 players present at the event. it wasnt fun! (te-he) ;D
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    Default Re: [Monster] The Infected

    I've decided to get out of this contest. Just not enough time in my day.
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