So, I'm making an Aegis of Shielding Swordmage...potentially for use in a later game, but also just for fun. I have two concepts, and I can't pick between the two, so I figured I'll throw them both the playground and see what others think, so, here are the basics: Level 11, Forgotten Realms, standard point buy stats.

Concept 1: Female Half-Elf Swordmage Multi-class Wizard -> Wizard of the Spiral Tower. Primary Int, secondary Con and Cha. Focus on Radiant Wizard powers and flashy, fiery Swordmage ones. Dilettante used to get a Wizard at will at level one, another gained via Wizard Multi-class, and the encounter power swap used for initially to get Color Spray instead of a level 7 Swordmage power, then switched for Prismatic Burst at 13 or something. Use a Radiant Longsword, and yeah, be a crazy glowing Half-elf hottie of doom. Be a brash and aggressive champion of Corellon from a fluff standpoint.

Concept 2: Male Dwarf Swordmage ->Wandering Swordmage. A bit more conventional. Int primary, Wisdom and Con secondary. Maybe grab the Fighter multi-feat from the PHB for an extra mark, and maybe use a Khopesh from AV to get some extra damage from Dwarven Weapon Training. I picture this guy as the Dwarven equivalent of Kwai-Chang Caine, a kind of out of place stranger going from place to place getting in adventures due to his sense of nobility and unfamiliarity with the outside world.

So, which sounds like a more interesting character, and any suggestions on the builds?