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Thread: Sun Stone

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    Default Sun Stone

    I'm thinking of creating a Human turned rock Wild Talent w/ the Saint Template.

    I'm trying to figure out what being a rock would give and at what price. I figure the transferring of the guy's mind into the rock would be an appropriate sacrifice for the Saint template, so it would happen before getting the template. I also need to know if causes the Con score to become "-" (that is 'no Con score'), and if that would have any effect on 'Stigmata' and a 1st level acquired 'Touch of Golden Ice'. I know that 'Stigmata' would no longer work, it's there as fluff. Specifically, it is part of how he got transferred into the rock. For the record, 1st level feat is 'Sacred Vow', bonus Human feat is 'Vow of Poverty', bonus Exalted feat is the afore mentioned 'Touch of Golden Ice'.

    Obviously, he will have a Con of 13 prior to becoming a rock. I need stats for before the transformation (6th level Wild Talent), and for standard ECLs afterwards.

    Also, would he qualify for being 'Deathless'. This last question is more for making it easier to restore HP.

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    Default Re: Sun Stone

    The mineral warrior template comes to mind in this situation. Gives DR from the hardness of being turned into living stone. Might give you some ideas.

    If you're just being essentially flesh-to-stone'd and then made animate with one's ability scores, then Con probably becomes a non-entity unless there's some kind of loophole/justification, and dex will probably take a hit.
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    Default Re: Sun Stone

    Using the Sandwich trick, I assume? In that case, subsitute the stats of a sandwich (none) for the stats of stone (10 hp/inch of thickness, Hardness 8).

    I recomend using a 3ft cube of Adamantine though, after hitting it with a spell that ups it's hardness (or use the metal from the Stronghold Builder's Guide, the name excapes me at the moment). This gives better hardness, a higher amount of HP, and can be shaped into a weapon via Fabricate in case of emergency.

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    Default Re: Sun Stone

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinfire Titan View Post
    Using the Sandwich trick, I assume? In that case, subsitute the stats of a sandwich (none) for the stats of stone (10 hp/inch of thickness, Hardness 8).
    What the heck is this???

    Quote Originally Posted by Sinfire Titan View Post
    (or use the metal from the Stronghold Builder's Guide, the name excapes me at the moment)
    Obdurium. Essentially, super-adamantium.
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    Default Re: Sun Stone

    Quote Originally Posted by KillianHawkeye View Post
    What the heck is this???
    To quote the original post
    Quote Originally Posted by GaffeR
    Hmph, I think I should edit my original mind-switch thread. The most optimal way to gain a body permanently is no longer true mind switch. It's to use astral seed + mind switch + psychic chirurgery. The result is an XP expendature of 0 XP, that's right zero. You lose no levels, and you gain all the effects of true mind switch.

    Anyways, so in lieu of what I just said above, the most optimal way to create the most un-optimal character is to use the following sequence and build:

    Race: Elan
    Build: Telepath 20
    Feats: Any, must have EK(Astral Seed) and skill focus (craft [basket weaving])

    1. Acquire a loaf of bread (2cp)
    2. Turn the bread into a sandwich (craft DC 5) (probably 2 minutes)
    3. Polymorph the sandwich (preferably ham with mustard, pepperoni, salami, and jalapenos) into a fuzzy little bunny. (NPC casting 1200 gp) (1 standard action)
    4. Cast astral seed (10 minutes)
    5. Ritualistically slay yourself with favored method of suicide. Be sure to place your storage crystal next to the sandwich turned bunny. (I prefer to be killed with a dagger to the heart... :shifty: ) (Approximately 5 rounds)
    6. Use mind-switch (the 6th level power) to switch with the rabbit, while in your storage crystal. (1 std action)
    7. Metamorph into a troll and smash your storage crystal (now containing the mind of a sandwich). (2 standard actions)
    8. Use psychic chirurgery to remove your negative level gotten from committing suicide. (10 minutes)
    9. Dismiss your metamorphosis and manifest dispel psionics on yourself (to dispel the polymorph). (2 standard actions)

    Congratulations, your ascention to the sublime state of a sandwich took:
    23 minutes 6 seconds and costed you 1200.02 gold pieces.

    Any one have a more optimal method?

    Now, it occurred to me that this might not be a half bad character to play. So long as you pick up the power psionic overland flight and tweak your character levels a bit, you could seriously play a sandwich. Of course your hitpoints or AC wouldn't be much to speak of... but honestly, who is going to kill the sandwich that the fighter packs.
    The thread with the sandwich can be found here:
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