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  1. Brainstorming Giant Inland Sea
  2. My World Source of Carbs
  3. Future Fantasy
  4. My world(s?)
  5. Brainstorming Magic Controllers
  6. Project Vanadiel Plus (a Final Fantasy inspired setting) (Help/feedback most welcome)
  7. Whts p With Fāntsy Nms?
  8. Project Skyveil, a world above the clouds
  9. What if: no Iron
  10. World Help Midgard (Norse mythology inspired)
  11. Project Auroara - The Encroaching End
  12. Basis for In-Universe Card Games?
  13. Settings based on the elements
  14. Project Amaranth- Modern Military in Fantasy Land
  15. Need help with anime like setting
  16. Grandname! Oh what will I do to players...
  17. My World Vaas, a world in turmoil.
  18. World Help (Monstrous) NPC races in a vaguely Indian-themed world
  19. Lhazaar Merfolk (5e)
  20. What should go into a world "cheat sheet"?
  21. EMPIRE2!-CWBG-V-It's-Mostly-Chicken-Based-Actually
  22. Kobold Nation![World Building]
  23. My World Bhuma
  24. Creation story roadblock.
  25. The Neutral Zone
  26. World Help Quasi-monotheism and 'minor' gods - advice on religion?
  27. My World Dragonborn Barbarian tribes from the Far North
  28. Brainstormings : Racial Spell Signatures
  29. Royal Familes
  30. My World The Ways - Post-Apocalyptic 5e/Next (WIP)
  31. My World A World Asunder
  32. Creating a Pantheon. Which god (dess) would you choose?
  33. My World Entosyn, The Lost Continent of Psionic Insects (Pathfinder Psionics)
  34. How to organize a setting into a manuscript that other GMs can read and use?
  35. Fictional Zodiacs
  36. Any ideas?
  37. My World The Orcish Tongue
  38. Knowledge and logic as the highest ideal
  39. Good Setup, Bad DM
  40. My World Building a Campaign, need feedback please (Druid City)
  41. Singularity: World of Warcraft meets Terminator meets Lord of the Flies
  42. Evil Fey
  43. Lidania
  44. World Help Implementing linguistics
  45. Alliance Quest; World building in progress
  46. Abberant Age: When the Far Realm Goes Too Far
  47. World Help I know this has been asked a million times but...
  48. How to create or justify a good Lich
  49. Exploit Sign Languages
  50. Who draws the worldmap? (map as argument)
  51. Developing Religions
  52. World Help D&D 5E Homebrew World - Looking for Advice
  53. Project Creating Planets: The Apuchi Project
  54. My World Help With EVIL Campaign World for 5e
  55. Rules of Wuxia [3.X]
  56. My World two stages campaign idea, feedback wanted
  57. How can geographical/historical mysteries exist with magic/elves?
  58. World Help Trying to understand a historical economy
  59. Brainstorming with Pokemon Tabletop games
  60. Religion question
  61. Breaking the veil
  62. How to -- 4th century BCE setting
  63. Warforged Origins outside of Eberron
  64. Jungles
  65. Map help
  66. Brainstorming Building bonds
  67. World Help What if humans had 6 arms?
  68. My World Drowning Darkness: Feedback and Critique Appreciated
  69. List of stuff in a Sword & Sorcery city
  70. Interesting religious tidbits
  71. Cosmology of Transfluviana
  72. My World The Kingdoms of Enis Trugwin
  73. Gender and Social Roles in Worldbuilding
  74. Project Re-imagining the planes: Limbo, the Entropic Maelstrom
  75. World Help 'Green Apocalypse' - need some help.
  76. Of Hearts and Moons [WIP]
  77. Psionic monsters
  78. Dealing with monsters in a low-magic world.
  79. World Help Do I have unfilled domains or incongruous religions?
  80. EMPIRE 2! Rules, Information and Administration
  81. My World Terminos; A catch-all for my world-building posts
  82. Tricks and traps
  83. World Help What should I establish about a city before play?
  84. My World The God Mafia: How Deities Operate in My World
  85. My World Dho Shanwge: Catchall post for 5e homebrew campaign world revision for critique
  86. Races and Half-breeds
  87. How much is that warforged in the window?
  88. Cradles of Civilization
  89. Fantastic Racism
  90. World Help Is my cosmology missing anything?
  91. Dungeoooooons!!
  92. What is ravenloft? What are Darklords?
  93. World Help Fantasy WWII With Added Fantastical Elements
  94. Magnus the kingdom of invention
  95. EMPIRE2!-CWBG-VI-Save-The-Hufflepuffs!
  96. Think like a commoner
  97. Multiple valid religions
  98. Having undead but no afterlife?
  99. Modern Ravenloft Brainstorming
  100. GitP Builds a World: Now With Lyrics!
  101. World Help HALP!!! No idea where to start with my own campaign setting
  102. Wanting Feedback on World of Meta and Chaos
  103. World Help Would this survival based campaign be considered 'fun'?
  104. Brainstorming 1920s Meets High Fantasy Adventure Meets The Hive Mind
  105. Brainstorming Consequences of Season-Long Day and Night
  106. My World The Nine Revelations: A Cult of Asmodeus
  107. Allies of Orc's
  108. Restricting race and class options?
  109. World Help Source of Magic
  110. My World The walled kingdom of the stone idols - A brief display of my setting.
  111. My World Amantanea [5E]
  112. My World The Council Lands (WIP)
  113. Building a pantheon out of our favorite comic characters.
  114. Is there any good free software to help with world building?
  115. World Help What are the consequences of everyone being 'immortal'?
  116. Let's build another setting! (Toxic Seas)
  117. World Help Naming a secret society
  118. The City Without Secrets
  119. Brainstorming Cyclically Incarnating Gods (based on WicDiv)
  120. Project Let's make a setting! ( A Superhero City )
  121. Superhero Pathfinder?
  122. Brainstorming Horrible with naming. Please help.
  123. Races
  124. Help me think through the consequences!
  125. Good reads
  126. World Help Magic is a Dead God: Using a deity's carcass to cast spells (and other oddities)
  127. World Help Cutroise
  128. Project Titans Of Creation: Communal World-building Exercise/RP Game, OOC Thread (10/10)
  129. Project Para and Nf Guine - magical South America/Caribbean
  130. Project Titans Of Creation: Communal World-building Exercise/RP Game, IC Thread (10/10)
  131. Conlangs in RPG Settings
  132. World Help notRussia
  133. Planar Energy Storms
  134. Karethor, A World for Iron Heroes (and rare and difficult magic)
  135. Reset of 5e setting, new Gods required
  136. 5E Homebrew world and online link library
  137. Dungeon Building 101
  138. Quick n' Dirty World building? Is that a thing?
  139. World Help Arctic survival expedition in search of Utopia
  140. Project Angels and Demons, lore and abilities.
  141. Science Fantasy Fey - What might that mean?
  142. World Help inspiration for monks and psychics - rw buddhist psychic powers
  143. Please delete
  144. What acts would be in a DnD circus?
  145. Brainstorming Ideas From the Dregs of My Mind: Shoguns and Jedi (Collaborative?)
  146. World Help Ragnarok Online: Merging Rune Midgard into the D&D 5e Multiverse (Norse Campaign)
  147. Only Ruins: a Setting
  148. Project The Monster Campaign, Help Requested in World Building
  149. Pan Apocalypta
  150. Of Barbarians and Civilisation
  151. The Case for Earth Deities in D&D
  152. Brainstorming A universal equipment list
  153. World Help Hex Grids, Square Grids - Oh my!
  154. World Help Repercussions of a level cap.
  155. What happens when you die.
  156. Help With Organizations/Guilda/Unions/Etc in SteamPunk
  157. Hill Dwarves. What are your hill dwarf towns like?
  158. Brainstorming Nations & Locations
  159. Colloquialisms for wizard student archetypes/stereotypes & learning styles.
  160. Project The Playgrounder's Guild
  161. Introducing Gaolpeaks
  162. Blazing Summers, Mild Winters: Effects on world?
  163. Brainstorming Cthulhu-X - because cthulhu-tech just really didn't do it for me
  164. War On Dragons
  165. World Help Pantheon Help
  166. World Help Crimes & Criminals, a war and intrigue campaign/world setting.
  167. My World Character generation in the World of Avalar
  168. My World Who needs medieval stasis?: My science fantasy world
  169. Brainstorming Building Fluff From Crunch - Outsiders
  170. My World Fluff from my world (long)
  171. How much is too much?
  172. Drifters vs Kingdom Hearts-Misplaced Heroes
  173. Empire3! Rules and Administration
  174. Empire3! Lands of Celessa
  175. EMPIRE3! I - A Community World-Building Game
  176. Dwarves and Catastrophe
  177. My World The Empire of Sunna
  178. Grandfather, why? - The Mythology Building Game
  179. Bergman's rule
  180. Howl's Moving Dungeon
  181. Brainstorming Convergence
  182. Brainstorming Near/Middle Eastern Fantasy Setting Building
  183. Project trying to update some of my old stuff - Penglai setting
  184. Brainstorming "Hen Gorlewyn" Fantasy Kinda Briton?
  185. Trying to think of a "alien" aquatic race for my world (details below)
  186. Brainstorming Giving a setting depth without going in history backstory
  187. World Help How would a civilization devoted to order (and snakes) develop?
  188. Struggling With Economics
  189. My World The Wasted Lands
  190. Brainstorming Making the players feudal lords
  191. My World Palanai - Player Campaign Guide
  192. World Help Megaman Battle Network Help
  193. Gamemastering gods and Monsters
  194. A youtube video on how cities develop
  195. Not sure how detailed to be when building a world.
  196. World Help Help fine tune my world [PEACH]
  197. World Help 3.PF Magitek Style
  198. My World Forest of High Adventure - An Ancient Lands Sandbox
  199. Lets make a Campaign setting without CORE (3E)
  200. World Help Creating a magic system
  201. World Help Dark Ages, Post-Roman Britain esque world ideas.
  202. World Help Necro World
  203. World Help Frozen wasteland with heat generated by only magic.
  204. World Help Modern Cosmologies: Angels, Demons and Gods
  205. Brainstorming pathfinder Puting the Epic in E6
  206. My World Taythan City - A city for a superhero setting
  207. Help me design a living metal submarine!
  208. I need help finishing an acronym
  209. My World Glorious Dawn: History Circa 1500 DA
  210. Project Underground City Design
  211. Give me some nonstandard Gods
  212. World Help A world ruled by 80s DnD players
  213. World Help ''Necropolis'' - Help me fill out this city
  214. Making a Recruitment Poster in a D&D world
  215. Pregnancy and Birthing customs
  216. The City of Blood
  217. Brainstorming The Great City of Vecna
  218. Sky Knights: Romanticism in the Clouds
  219. A world of golems and constructs
  220. Shael - The World of Donwen. The White-darkness (D&D 3.5)
  221. Brainstorming Races and classes in a D&D 4e Naruto-themed world
  222. My World The land of Arquetipos - An Urban fantasy setting -
  223. World Help How do you make a world feel alive?
  224. Project Resurrecting a homebrewed setting.
  225. World Help Earl of Rone Inspired Campaign
  226. World Help Tips on mapmaking?
  227. World Help Stone age to Iron age transition
  228. My World The regions of Aelsif
  229. My World The peoples of Talmar
  230. My World Compaign Setting: Orge Reign
  231. Fantastic Race
  232. I need another cool antagonist title!
  233. The Civilization Generator!
  234. My World The Continent of Avitia - A 3.P Setting
  235. Illness causing anemia in more than 1 way
  236. Homebrew Creations...Dragon Knight and an Artifact in my campaing [WIP/PEACH] Please
  237. Brainstorming So I wantsta build a fantasy-tragedy setting with yous alls.
  238. Reflavoring the Elf-kind
  239. Brainstorming Let's build another setting (Lowish Fantasy)
  240. Brainstorming A Dark, Mid-fantasy setting (a little like Skyrim)
  241. Let's build another setting! (Flare Tower)
  242. EMPIRE3! II - CWBG - Slavian Girls Play Hard to Get
  243. World Help A Druid-run Logging Village
  244. The Blue Door
  245. World Help Help with World: Seleukus, the Land of Spires
  246. World Help Post-modern languages (D&D)
  247. Dragons as leaders
  248. "Good writers borrow, great writers steal" - from maps to plots
  249. Project faeries vs goblyns, hominids caught in the middle (let's build yet another setting)
  250. homebrew