Subject 1864

Name: Unknown (designated subject 1864)
Age: 16 (biological), varies (apparent)
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Dirty blonde
Height: varies (normally 1,45)
Weight: varies (typically 30 kg)
Subject 1864 was first recovered on a SWORD mission in a small Russian village 12 years prior to the current events. A Hollow capable of possession had taken over his father and proceeded to assault his family. SWORD was nearby at the time investigating rumors of strange murder-suicide cases, which the locals attributed to an ancient curse emerging and struck back. At the time, only the poor boy remained - when the agents wounded its host body, the Hollow took over the child.
Attempted removals proved risky, until at one point, the Hollow was partially eliminated from Subject 1864's body. Unfortunately, the prolonged exposure to the possession as well as the failed attempt caused real, physical trauma to the boy. Amnesia ensued.

Sadly, it wasn't as if they could simply hand the boy over to an adoption agency. As he hit a growth spurt, it became obvious that the lingering contamination had altered some of his bone marrow. Subject 1864 now secreted within his own body a substance that, to more knowledgeable minds, could be identified as liquefied Hollow Reiatsu. Further studies revealed that above certain concentrations, the substance increased aggressivity, stamina, physical strength and reflexes. Going above that, it induced physical transformations.

One particular amoral doctor in SWORD's employ decided to take advantage of this and experimented on the effects of increasing the presence of said substance in the human body. A limiter was installed within Subject 1864's body to control its production and access to the bloodflow. Sadly for said doctor, it turned out the substance could not be harvested and the effects could not be duplicated. However, since its output could be controlled, that made Subject 1864 perfect as a living weapon against supernatural creatures.

Having a lack of previous knowledge but a curious and inquisitive mind, Subject 1864 was schooled and taught a variety of subjects in the meantime. He proved rather intelligent for his age, with an unique talent for science and languages; before the biological age of 13, he was already fluent in English, Japanese, Russian and Italian. What he wasn't taught was love and social behavior; psychology was one of his subjects of study, but human emotions remained outside his grasp.

Personality: He's basically a male kuudere. With SCIENCE!. Emotional responses intrigue him. Talks a little like a robot sometimes, in monotone.
You know DC Comics' Bane? Well, his power mechanism is based on that. Subject 1864's limiter is activated by voice, neural imprints and an increasingly intricate set of limited-access levels (so it is virtually unhackable). At any given time, Subject 1864 is only allowed to go up to 30% power; going further requires permission by a supervisor from SWORD and cannot be overridden by the Subject himself. The effects are as follows:

10%: Above-average increase in reflexes, physical strength and stamina. Comparable to an amateur athlete (high school level sports star).

20%: Small but visible increase in muscle mass. Physical abilities near Olympic levels (in that he could arguably compete at that level, not necessarily win).

30%: Further muscle mass increase. Superhuman physical abilities in all fields, small capacity to shrug off physical harm (compared to very low-level Hierro). Irises change color to a dull gold. At this point, Subject 1864 is arguably a match for up to three unseated Shinigami.

40%: At this point physical transformations become more accentuated. Subject 1864's height increases by a factor of nearly .5; his skin becomes paler and thicker (the Hierro effect increases a bit); the white of his eye turns black; his hair grows to his mid-back, turning silver, and his fingernails elongate into sharp yet relatively small claws. He undergoes personality changes as well - his cool demeanor is replaced by a slightly more humorous one, to the point that he becomes able to smile. His overall physical capabilities practically do not change beyond that, however.

50%: A small pair of horns juts out of his forehead and his teeth become sharper. His mouth becomes capable of opening wider than normal, allowing him to bite his targets to devastating effect. His physical strength increases further at this point, but he becomes slower. At this point, Subject 1864 becomes capable of firing low-grade bala.

60%: The horns are bigger now, and small bone-like plates cover his arms and shins. A quarter mask covers the left side of his face. His feet become more muscular, articulate and claw-like. His Hierro becomes a little stronger and some of the speed he'd lost at the previous 'grade' is recovered. At this point, Subject 1864 is arguably a threat for a low-seated Shinigami.

70%: At this point, the mask covers the entire top of his face, and fuses with the horns. Bat-like wings sprout from his back, but he isn't capable of flight - only gliding for short periods. The bone plates become larger and jut out the sides of his forearms like blades. At this point, his personality becomes vicious and aggressive, to the point of sadism. He does, however, still follow orders (albeit begrudgingly).

80%: The wings become larger now, and he becomes capable of independent flight for short periods, with poor maneuverability and air speed. The mask becomes more helmet-like, similar to a skullcap, with a pair of tusk-like "protectors" running from either side of his face. A black point is recognizable at this point in his thorax. Perhaps more alarming, however, is that he becomes capable of firing Cero. It is low grade by Hollow standards, and takes time to charge, but is still not to be underestimated. He also becomes capable of low-grade regeneration.

90%: The "skullcap" closes at the front of his face, sporting square "teeth", like the bottom half of the smile of a Hollow mask. His Cero and Bala become more fearsome at this point damage-wise, though he still cannot fire either quickly. At this point, controlling his actions becomes more and more difficult, to the point that a complete lack of targets is one of the few reasons he'll stop.

100%: The mask becomes complete at this point. His speed and maneuverability in the air increase. His regeneration does as well, though his Hierro remains the same. At this point, however, he becomes completely uncapable of following orders; only the forced override of his limiter (which induces excrutiating pain in addition to prematurely ending his transformation) causes him to stop killing any hostile targets in the vicinity. He retains intelligence but shows disdain for tactical thinking beyond the absolute obvious (don't hit the energy blast with your face, don't run into a sword, etc.). Subject 1864 is a credible threat to a 3rd seat or possibly even a Vice-Captain at this point (assuming said Vice-Captain is not specialized in combat).

120%: This setting, which causes an overload in the subject's system, remains untested. Given the aggressivity levels displayed at 70% and beyond, it is deemed VERY dangerous. At this point, Subject 1864 is only guided by omnicidal Hollow instinct: kill, devour, kill, devour. He becomes significantly more difficult to injure due to the increased Hierro and regeneration. Low-grade Sonido is also added to his repertoire.