Tsukikage Shishiou, 5th seat of 13th Division


Name: Tsukikage Shishiou
Age: 175 (appearance: 17)
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue (golden when fighting; normally keeps them closed)
Hair: Moss green
Height: 1,59
Weight: 45 kg
Seat: 5th

The Tsukikage family is one of Seireitei's many minor noble houses, nonetheless acknowledged for producing many hard-working Shinigami. They've borne the Gotei a number of tacticians, warriors and Kidou experts. As such, they take their military tradition VERY seriously.

Shishiou is the youngest child of his generation. Despite his intelligence, his demeanor was always considered 'flawed' in the eyes of his rather strict father for a lack of interest in military life. When he came of age, he was practically forcibly enrolled in the Gotei academy, where he demonstrated great aptitude for Kidou. As it turns out, however, his abilities lent themselves to healing Kidou as opposed to Hadou and Bakudou. For the period he studied under the Gotei masters, he remained completely out of touch with his family.

During such time, Shishiou deepened his study of medicinal techniques. It struck him as odd that the recovery process necessitated replenishing the injured's Reiatsu before healing the physical body - which made it almost impossible for officers to return to the field in a timely fashion after a mission, much less during one (and was further rather innefective as a rule). His research culminated in the creation of Konjinsaryou (Soul Acupuncture), a technique that consisted of sticking specially-prepared needles into the patient's energy centers to facilitate the absorption of ambient Reishi, thus accelerating the process. For this accomplishment alone, he was appointed to a mid-level seat on the 4th division upon graduating.

Which naturally infuriated his father. He considered it a disgrace that his son was unable to honor the family's proud military tradition. Malicious rumors naturally began to fly about, and Shishiou requested transfer to a division more appropriate to his father's wishes, despite how it made him miserable.

Shishiou can be considered a cool, even meek individual. He dislikes fighting as a principle, convinced that if you need to expose yourself to the rigors of combat - and therefore risk defeat - you lack the strength to permanently build anything with your victory. His hobbies include singing, playing the flute, reading and writing.
Because he is slow to make friends, he tends to defend them fiercely. Violence for its own sake, particularly sadism, is something he absolutely abhors. Assault upon those who cannot defend themselves REALLY ticks him off.
He has good bedside manners, though patients far too eager to get out of bed usually don't share that view.

Shishiou is short, almost child-like in stature, especially for a Shinigami. His usual vestiments include the characteristic Shihakusho typical to Shinigami, with the notable addition of a white, sleeveless changshan. His moss green hair hangs loose at the mid of his neck, framing the sides of his face, which also sports a ninja-esque mask. His eyes are constantly closed, except when he fights seriously...

First the basics:
Kidou: Very competent. Particularly skilled with healing Kidou. Neglects Hadou and Bakudou entirely in favor of his own Zanpakutou's abilities and judicious use of his acupuncture needles (except for utility and barrier-type Bakudou). May cast up to level 60 Bakudou (30 unchanted), with the notable exception of Tenteikuura, the one Bakudou he may cast above that limit. His limit for Healing Kidou is higher: 75 (up to 40 unchanted).
Shunpo: Slightly above average. He has the knack for it, but doesn't have much of the training to go beyond his current level yet.
Hakuda: Competent. Actually prefers less direct attacks in favor of disabling blows such as nerve pinches.

Zanjutsu: Poor, though considering how his Zanpakutou works, it comes as little surprise. (See Below)

Ranginjin (Storm Minstrel)

Release: "Ama no murakumo de odore! Utatte! Ranginjin!" (Over the gathering clouds of heaven, dance! Sing! Storm Minstrel!)

Powers: Ranginjin is a... very curious Zanpakutou. For one, it lacks a sealed form (it is classified as a constant release type, although it doesn't enter "combat mode" without the release phrase). It manifests itself in the form of a sprite-like, yellow-toned fairy, roughly 20 cm in height, that follows Shishiou wherever he goes. When given its release command, it becomes pure, crackling lightning that is directed wherever Shishiou commands it. If Shishiou falls unconscious or runs out of power, Ranginjin simply disappears until summoned again. This is the result of a failed attempt of Kagami's to materialize his Zanpakutou too early for Bankai training, due to a lack of sheer amount of Reiatsu. The sword spirit can only present itself in this reduced form (according to Kagami himself, Ranginjin actually has different forms than the one currently following him).

Ranginjin becomes pure lightning. In this form, it can concentrate on different parts of Shishiou's body for different effects. He can shift the locations very quickly, without needing to vocalize it, though the energy must still run from one point of his body to another. Shishiou can only focus Ranginjin on one "set" of body parts at a time.
He may also utilize ambient electricity (such as from thunderbolts or exposed electrical wiring) to power up his attacks.

Legs: increases overall movement speed (including with Shunpo) and destructive power of his kicks.

Arms: Increases punching destructive power. Allows Kagami to release lightning bolts. He may exercise control over the bolts themselves as long as they remain in contact with him - the more complex the movements he requires, the slower the bolts themselves become.

Torso: Diminishes the impact of physical attacks and/or electrocutes the attacker (depending on attack form). Lessens energy blast damage by a small degree.

Head: Increases brain activity, particularly on the areas related to sensorial information process and problem-solving (in other words, increases his ability to perceive things and process the information received, thus thinking faster). By doing this, he becomes able to read and predict his opponent's moves, improving his timing (though his reaction time doesn't really change by much). He uses this effect scarcely, since increasing brain activity in this manner is not too different from overclocking a computer - demand too much or do it for too long and the "circuits" fry.

Relax, I'm a doctor: Obviously, possesses advanced medical knowledge. He is no surgeon, but he's a very good doctor.

Are you afraid of needles?: Shishiou can use his needles in combat to devastating effect. Stick them in the correct spot and he can numb, paralyze or induce excrutiating pain to muscle tissue and even internal organs (the faster the target, the harder to do so accurately, however). His needles also serve as a conduit to the electricity generated by Ranginjin, which somewhat compensates for the lack of raw destructive and penetrative power in his attacks.