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    Jormund the Comatose God (Vestige)
    Level: 5th
    Binding DC: 24 (20 for dragons and dragonblood creatures)
    Legend: Binders argue whether Jormund should even be classified as a vestige. He was first bound by mistake, intercepting the call for another vestige. Unlike most vestiges Jormund is not dead, merely trapped in a state between life and death, and he does not inhabit the Void but some realm between it and reality waiting till his deific form can be fully revived. Once he was a great draconic spirit who was slain in battle against champions of Tiamat, but Bahamut granted a portion of his own divine essence to his loyal servant preserving his life. Even so it was not enough to restore life to the dragon fully and now he sleeps a dreaming god.
    Special requirement: Jormund will not make pacts with binders of a non-good alignment, and he will allow himself to be bound alongside Nykthog or Ashardalon immediately ending the bind if either of them are bound as well (unless the binder has the Ignore Special Requirements feat).
    Manifestation: Jormund manifests as a hollow draconic skull made entirely out of steel. Blue smoke begins to billow out of the skull and makes a series of letters and pictographs to communicate the pact making process.
    Sign: The binderís skin takes on a metallic texture like that of polished steel. Their voice also changes having a bell-like ring to it.
    Influence: Jormundís influence incites rage against the spawn of Tiamat and requires you to attempt to slay any chromatic dragons or dragonblooded creatures you encounter.

    Granted ability:
    Cold and Force Resistance: While you have Jormund bound you gain Cold and Force resistance equal to your EBL.

    Force Missile: As a standard action you may fire a missile of force that deals 1d8+1 damage per three binder levels. This missile has a range of 200-ft and strikes its target unerringly as long as you have Line of Sight and Line of Effect to the target.

    Immunity to Fear: While Jormund is bound the binder gains immunity to fear, and whenever they would normally have to make a Will save against Fear they instead gain a +1 morale bonus to attack rolls and saving throws for 5 rounds.

    Relentless Will: When an attack would reduce you to 0 or lower hit points you may heal 2d4+1/2 binder level hp as an immediate action. Once you have used this ability you must wait 5 rounds before you use it again.
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