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    I post things on forums for feedback. If you have anything at all to say about my homebrew, please post it so I can know.
    Gesturecaster - a casting PrC for Dexterity-based noncasters
    Sleepwalker - if "life is but a dream," what's it mean if you're lucid? Prestige class for Warlocks.
    (Druid) One with Nature Replacing wildshape - instead of turning into a bear, mobilize all the nearby plants (and animals, later) to fight for you.
    New takes on Old Elementals - the Mounder, Aquiform, and Kindlewraith. Air will be around when I figure out how to do it (but that's already sort of got one in the Invisible Stalker)
    Counterspell Momentum - Trading action for action, spell for spell, net result nothing happens? We can do better than that.

    There's also old stuff I'm not putting up because it's not worth looking at (and mildly embarassing).
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    ...though Talla does her best to sound objective and impartial, it doesn't cover stuff like "ask a 9-year-old to tank for the party."
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