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    Default Re: Faith is My Bulwark, and Conviction Holds My Shield Fast (Paladin Feat/ACF)


    “The strength of the earth, the roots of the mother, the spirits of nature, they hold up my shoddy form. Even as their primordial power surges through me, they are the ones who prop up my shaking hands, my tender toes, my aching feet. Even as my form dies, they hold my life together, with the strength of their will, and with my everlasting love.”
    ~Eonas, the Sage of Seasons, King of the Summer Court, Queen of the Winter Moon

    Sage of Earth (Druid)
    The Druid’s spiritual connection to nature strengthens.
    Level: 5th
    Replaces: Wildshape
    Benefits: The Druid gains access to the Air, Earth, Fire and Water domains, as well as the Animal domain. This includes all of the spells associated with the domains, as well as the domain powers. The Druid may spontaneously cast any spell that appears in those five domains, using a prepared spell slot of the same level as the spell that is to be cast. The Druid no longer is able to spontaneously cast Summon Nature's Ally spells.

    Nature’s Champion (Druid)
    The Druid gains martial prowess, able to become powerful in battle.
    Level: 1st
    Replaces: Spellcasting
    Benefits: The Druid gains Initiating as a Warblade of her level, with the recovery method of the Swordsage. She has access to the Tiger Claw, Stone Dragon, Desert Wind and Diamond Mind disciplines. She may initiated a maneuver in a Wildshaped form using any natural attacks that the form possesses.

    Beryl Haruspex (Druid)
    The Druid becomes able to bind the souls of the dead to her, and shape them into the forms of nature's children.
    Level: 1st
    Replaces: Spellcasting
    Benefits: The Druid gains access to Meldshaping as a Totemist of her level. She does not gain access to the Totem Chakra. She may only bind Totemist soulmelds, and she gains opened Chakra Binds as a Totemist of her level.

    Spirit Binder (Druid)
    The Druid becomes able to bind the spirits of those who have entered the void, and allow nature's favor to fall upon them once again.
    Level: 1st
    Replaces: Spellcasting
    Benefits: The Druid gains soulbinding as a Binder of her level. She gains no other benefits of the Binder class. Any benefits of her Vestiges that have a cooldown equal to or longer than 5 rounds becomes a once per encounter ability when the Druid is Wildshaped. If she leaves her Wildshaped form after using an ability in this way from a vestige she has bound, the ability automatically goes on cooldown, and may not be used again during that encounter while the Druid is wildshaped.
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