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    Quote Originally Posted by jvluso View Post
    The main point of standardized prices is for the craft skill.
    I suppose that makes sense, I admit to usually handwaiving the crafting rules, so don't have a lot of experience with that. So if you, or anyone else, wants to give input on what would be appropriate, I'll listen and may stick it in the first post.

    Also, is there anything beyond masterwork for additional points?
    I noted in the first post that I intend to go through the list of special materials and make special properties for them, and give a couple extra slots. A material with a good property might only gain 1 bonus slot, a meh property or situational property may get 2 slots. There may be a single one with no property that gets 3 slots.

    And the whip would probably be:
    exotic 1-handed 9 points
    reach+adjacent for a one handed -6 points
    can be used to trip -1 point
    +4 trip and disarm -2 points
    non-leathal -0 points
    To be clear an exotic one handed weapon has 7 points, unless masterwork, then it has 9. Also can be used to trip is only .5 points, so a masterwork whip would have an extra .5 points to spend.

    But the reason I didn't stat the whip was because some people may for some reason enjoy the current incarnation (where it acts as some weird ranged melee weapon with 15ft reach that only damaged unarmored targets), and I didn't want to try to quantify such a strange and unique quality, so I figured it would be best to leave it alone. You can of course create an alternate version of the whip as you did if you do not like the normal version.

    Edit: Working on the Special Materials and Armor Upgrade rules now. Those should be up within a couple hours. Also, should I add the ability to add +1 to hit with a weapon for 2 upgrade slots? It would be useless once magic weapons/inherent enhancement bonuses come online, but for people who want that +1 to hit at low level, may as well leave the option there for them.
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