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    Jacob Morin

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 34

    Class/Profession: Archer

    Description: A tall and wiry man with dark green eyes and close cut red hair. His skin is tanned from a life spent outside and he has more than a couple scars, none that are very large or distinctive however. Typically he can be found wearing leather armor or plain dark colored clothing. A bow is usually slung over his back and a dagger hangs from his waist along with two pouches.

    Personality: Above all Jacob is pragmatic. In general he tends to look out for himself. This is not to say he is entirely selfish or without compassion, simply that he only really worries about his well-being and that of anyone he cares about. He isn't one to get emotional or ponder moral issues. He does enjoy making fun of people from time to time, though, and can be somewhat a womanizer.

    A highly enchanted longbow that can put a number of effects on the arrows fired from it, as well as generally being more accurate.
    A standard dagger, that appears to be quite old but well taken care of.
    A suit of leather armor.
    A hand crossbow that coats the bolts loaded in it with a sleeping poison.
    A small pouch magic'd to hold far more than it should.

    Abilities: Jacob is a highly skilled archer, and this is his primary calling. He has some experience with his dagger as well, though close combat is something he avoids as much as possible. He also has skill with tracking, stealth, trap finding and disabling, and lock picking.

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