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    Zach Rolfe
    Alias: The Pokemon Trainer
    Age: 13
    Chaotic Good
    Profession: Pokemon Trainer
    Description: Zach has short brown hair and brown eyes. He has tan skin and his nose is a bit crooked from a schoolyard fight long ago. He used to wear a hat, but it got lost when he traveled through the worlds. He wears a vest(like the kind Ash wore in the first season of pokemon) and has a belt with 3 Pokeballs on it. He is also 5'10". He also wears glasses

    Personality: Zach can get emotional about things easily, so it's like he has multiple moods at once. He goes through mood swings often.
    Equipment: 10 Pokeballs, 5 Super Potions, 2 Antidotes, 1 Vest, 1 Vulpix(lvl23, named Voltron), 1 Nuzleaf(lvl 16, named Simon), 1 Wurmple(lvl 3, named Sting), 1 Eevee(Level 3, Named Megan), 1 pair of Glasses, 1 pokedex.
    Abilities: He can throw Pokeballs like nobodies business. He is smart and can make great strategies. He can spot creatures moving in grass from 100 ft away. He can swing a bat well.
    Misc: He will probably try to catch people that look like pokemon.
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